Software Center keeps spinning - Can't update

Hello @support_team ,

I’ve seen this once before last week and it’s happening again today for me. My Software Center is spinning and I can’t update. The Update button does not present itself. I’ve issued the command:

yum clean all

And I’ve restarted my Nethserver. It still spins. Please advise why this is happening and what can be done to resolve it.

Thank you.

Please check /var/log/messages for errors.

Maybe a yum clean all for all repos helps:

yum clean all --enablerepo=*

You could try to update on CLI to possibly get more information:

yum update


Hi @mrmarkuz ,

I’ll mark this as the answer as these are good points to help solve it!

For me, I came back to my Nethserver the next day and the update button was now available without me issuing any commands. I’ve upgraded my Nethserver and rebooted and I’m not seeing that spinning any longer. I saw no errors in the messages log file.

Have you hear of anyone else having this issue before?

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Hi @greavette

This is not an uncommon problem - or solution for NS7.
It can occur occasionally, but rarely…

Probably sync issues between some repositories are the “real” issue, the clean up resolves this.

My 2 cents


Thanks very much, @Andy_Wismer for your input.

I will document this and the commands @mrmarkuz suggested for future reference.


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