So, where are you using NethServer?

I’m sure you’re using Nethserver for your personal and business projects.
Do you use NethServer for your clients? Or non-profit organization?
Please let me know some examples, I would be so happy to hear your stories…

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I privately use two servers myself, one of them on the Internet as mail, Worpress and Nextcloud server. The special feature is that I host two (mail) domains there.
Another one I use as a virtual system at home under Proxmox. There runs mainly a wiki.
I run a mail server for two friends and a product-used mail, Netxcloud and Wordpress server for my son’s company. All servers are monitored with Zabbix and use an active directory as account provider.

All servers are running stable and I am glad to get such a complete solution from Nethesis.
Especially worth mentioning is that the great community massively lowers the barriers to entry and anyone with little IT background can set up and run such servers themselves.

Sincerely, Marko


I personally stopped using NethServer for the time being. I was planning to replace my home Ubuntu server running a reverse proxy to some other hosts on my network and the Tiki CMS but I found the Web Server, Mail Server and Reverse Proxy modules in NethServer a bit too confusing.

After some issues with the mail server (thanks a great deal for the help btw :smiley:) I was left with a half-completed migration with little motivation to continue. I think I will stick to my Ubuntu server for now and wait for the new NS release (high hopes for that one).

[edit]: Doesn’t mean that I stopped recommending NS to other sysadmins I know ^^


Current using it for both personal and small business purposes (my wife has a small business)

So we mainly use the file sharing aspect with user authentication for the business files and also our personal files.

Have recommended it to a non-profit organisation as a replacement for their current file sharing solution.


Bye ! I use Nethserver as a VM (previously about 10 years ago I used SME servers from several customers). I use it on the Proxmox platform as a personal AD server (both linux and windows) and some services for some friends and users, such as Nextcloud, Piwigo, wordpress, GLPI. I don’t use the firewall part as in the structure I stay true to Pfsense, nothing taking away from NETH.
I also add the very useful reverse proxy function for accessing my http servers in https.


I forgot, that the neth7 server currently in use has a virtual disk that is on a small nas mini pc and the performance is very satisfactory.

Other than that due to interruptions not due to the neth server, I never had a disk consistency issue or anything else. I really believe that NFS is a very robust network file system!

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I use one frontend server as a firewall, VPN-gateway and https reverse proxy and another backend server for Mail/Nextcloud.

Also I installed a Nethserver as a firewall, VPN-gateway and web filter in a school environment.

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I started out using Nethserver several years ago, (probably the same time I joined this group), for a work backup and file server at my old job. I was laid off back in 2017, but I still have one running in my house backing up the files on my daily driver.
I log into the web interface and do updates now and then, but sometimes I forget it’s there, I should do more with it, that’s why I like stopping here and getting ideas from other people. Thank you.

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Like you, I lost my job in 2018 but the same goes on. In fact, a cluster with 2 NAS and a PBS in!

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Glad to hear that!

Indeed! We need you help… spread the word!

Good. Where’s the school? Which city?

I have two Nethserver (Barebone) for personal use.
One in Switzerland and one in Germany, each with a separate Domain.
Email, Proxy, Webservice, VPN, Fileserver, Firewall and Fail2ban run on both.
The servers are connected via OpenVPN tunnel (TCP).
All spam is filtered up to 99.9% and Fail2ban diligently blocks IPs.

I am very satisfied and I hope that I can use Nethserver for a long time.

Greetings, Nicky


Nethserver is abusing me! Does that count? :wink:

Just testing, advising others and keep my fingers flexible.


This is great! Keep going

I use nethserver in the school where i work. I use it like domain controller and fileserver in a network with windows and mac client.

I have another nethserver with nextcloud, i use it for my cloud instead dropbox or similar.


For several years now, I use Nethserver at home in the Netherlands. Since about 1 year on proxmox (great!), before that on bare metal.
I use it for my family, mainly as mailserver (5 maildomains). I am the only one using NextCloud (never bothered to move family away from DropBox, OneCloud or alike).
Spamfilter running great. NS is behind a seperate reverse proxy (also proxmox-based), no web-sites via NS.
Rarely any problems, and if there are, I find help here most of the time.


Ehi Rolf! Happy to hear from you

Ehi gecco! Nethserver at school is a no-brainer choice

What do you mean?

Hi @gecco

I think @alefattorini means it works without issues in a school environment, we have quite a few users using Nethserver as school / department server…

The correct english (actually american) term would be no-brainer…


My 2 cents


Right :smiley: just corrected

I have three main installations, all for use in the business environment, all as virtual machines.
Two are installed on a Proxmox platform and host websites (Wordpress, osTicket), mail servers, Nextcloud, both in the DMZ.
One is installed on ESXi, for intranet use only and hosts a website (Wordpress) and an email server.

A few others are installed on bare metal servers as e-mail servers and others for various tests, on Proxmox and ESXi.

Some have been installed for several years and have been moved from one platform to another, others are very new.