So, what are you working on? 7 Aug 2018

How’s it going??? Any vacation already planned? I have just come back from Isola d’Elba, wonderful italian island not so far from the coasts of Tuscany. And you?

It’s time to welcome all of our fancy new members! 50 new faces over the last month! :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

Make yourselves at home and consider this community your safe space for any questions you have related to NethServer or IT professionals. :house:

This thread isn’t about support though! Just saying hello. If you’ve got questions please open a new topic in the #support Support section. (tx @blechinger )

What are you working on? Looking at you

I’d like to ping also @jfernandez @guillermofekete @dnutan @jaapvdv @GG_jr @bwdjames @planet_jeroen @mark_nl @Jim @kelevra @ibinetwork @maddin @flatspin

Picture by Alessio’s wife :slight_smile:


I’m preparing to drive to Gargano on Saturday, and have a holiday. Visit Foresta Umbra, have a dive in the sea near San Menaio and eat more pizza’s then good for me in Vico del Gargano. :balloon::tada:

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Hehe, nice photo! Thanks for sharing. I am currently trying to implement nethserver with other network equipment… Later this month I’ll be able to make such photos. :sunny: :smiley:

BTW, thanks for pinging! :wink:

Best Regards.

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Busy on a couple of fronts:

  1. Doing background preparation for installing NethServer under Proxmox (courtesy of a hard disk which is slowly failing).
  2. Preparing for 2 weeks holiday
  3. Finish fine tuning, company website infrastructure

On the back-burner, but still thinking through options: how to get NethServer to work in an auto-scaling environment. Thinking in particular about the config files under /etc and things like that as they would need to be shared between multiple servers and if they get updated, they would need to be updated on multiple servers at the same time.


Nice tripe, Puglia forever :smiley:
Say hi to Fano when you come on over (A14 highway)

We’d like to see your photos :smiley: and updates on your installation


Hi Alessio,

it’s been so hot in Berlin the last weeks, I’m really looking forward to going to scotland for holiday next week.

I did much nethserver research the last weeks, after holiday I will move nethserver to production, hope everything works as planned and the community will help me in case of problems.

I like nethserver, the first linux solution I know where several things are preconfigured in a useful manner so one doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Best regards


Happy to read this, welcome here. Which kind of service did you implement with NethServer?
In your company or at home?

Happy summer to all!

It’s been a busy summer with a two week vacation to start it off but I’m back into work since then and I’ve been steadily moving all our documentation into our office Nextcloud (running on Nethserver). With Onlyoffice installed (on a separate server) and ejabberd enabled our Nextcloud is becoming an important tool in our office daily work :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to integrating more Nethserver services into our office this fall.

I’ve also been very busy working with @wahmed on upgrading our Proxmox cluster to 5.2. Wahmed put me onto being able to setup replication and HA even though we use local storage for our Proxmox cluster. Now I can be sure that our critical services will auto restart if I ever lose a node (replicated) minutes later. Yes it could be better for sure if we had Ceph behind it all, but for our small office this is a game changer having a more reliable virtual environment.



Looks a great setup for your company! Which services do you plan to integrate?

Sounds great! He’s helping you with that? I wasn’t aware of that expertize

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Hope you are enjoying your summer @alefattorini!

I’m looking at removing our ClearOS server as our mail server and moving to using Nethserver for mail. Another service I want to take advantage of is to use NextCloud Contacts App as our main office addressbook for mail (individual and group email list) and also as a non-mail for general info (ie: employee contact info).

I need to look more into whether Webtop can integrate with Nextcloud contacts app as a global address book.

And I forgot to mention this about @wahmed (sorry if I’ve said this before). He has written the book on Proxmox (3 versions actually) so he knows it inside and out. I hope this plug is allowed but I’ll give full disclosure here and say I’ve purchased support from Wasim’s company as my backup for our small company (ie: my vacation times) and to provide added support on tricky Proxmox setups and I couldn’t be happier. He is a wealth of knowledge and a great guy to work with…very smart and professional. I see a lot of similarities with the Nethserver community and Wasim which is why I have chosen both for our office. :smile:


Currently back to my own business: getting my beloved mail-server application running smoothly on NS7; Made a lot of progress, z-push activesync and sabre-based {cal card} dav are working now: might consider to introduce it on arm. :grinning:

Still want to clean up nethserver-sogo, finish a new app nethserver-gittea, optimize nethserver-mail2 with @stephdl and testing 7.5.1804 arm in general.


Same here … I really love the combination. To top it off, I managed to get funds for a TrueNAS to host the ZFS storage … more then once had to hold back laughter when I saw the performance, or lack thereof, of your average [insert marketleader of choice] based system at the same budget.


Going offtopic in this thread, but why not do a big-ass server and install FreeNas on it instead of paying quite some $$$ (or in your case €€€) for the commercial part of Truenas? More info:

For the same reason I urged Nethserver to get a support program: to give back in a meaningfull way. Also, ISO certification prefers vendor backing.

Also, the TrueNAS Z20 … I cant build that for the same amount of money without building a replica … which would require me to have one to replicate, and then I would still not get good deals on parts. I feel like I didnt pay too much for that unit … it costed us about 10k, with 40TB of diskspace and a direct support line to iX, which works verry well I might add, even when based in Europe, like we are. Not sure how I could self-build cheaper with the same amount of service. For a home situation I would never do this, but we are a business. (The short version: I cant without having to redo their research)


I want to make Email available externally for the company and maybe calendar (SOGo) and maybemaybe nextcloud.

I’m working in a (slow) migration to a complete network re-desing: In time, we will implement: new network address schema, gw/router/firewall, multiwan load balancing, vpn, dmz, dhcp, name server, ad/file server, mail server, web server, database server, moodle, dspace, backup server, and more…

In a related Institute, I had success installing NS as Domain Controller/File Server, so we will use it here at work too, But, for this, I need to do further tests on how it integrates samba, dnsmasc and dhcp (In a debian, I have integrated dhcp (mac->name) and bind (name->ip), so the association mac-name-ip is not duplicated). I need to learn to do it in NS.

Another feature I need to implement (I’m just commenting, don’t help me here, I’ll ask for help soon) is a sort of multiwan/active backup, but the back connection is in “green”…
I have this :

Well… this is what i’m working in this days…


This is easily done from the webgui: Configuration section, DHCP: actions collumn

Thanks @robb !

  • Migration of SME-Server to Nethserver (just two servers left)
  • Read Wasims Book - (mastering proxmox - third edition) and Proxmox 5.2 (admin guide) since at least a week
  • Write an article/summary about Open-Source IT-Infrastructure (Nethserver and Proxmox) in German