So, what are you working on? 5 february 2018

Hi fellow NethServer lovers. What a week… what a week. I am still thrilled about our meeting at Fosdem in Brussels. A lot of face to face talking with the absolute high of having a room for 1,5 hours in H-building where we were able to discuss the future of NethServer and where @stephdl gave a presentation of his latest work: rspamd service for NethServer mail module.

Besides this great opportunity to meet each other, we again have a lot of new members to welcome:

@simotube Simona Tubertini Italy
@tbtek Tiago Branco Portugal
@Antonio Antonio Augusto Borges Brazil
@Zen zentrader france
@Thierry_Harribey Thierry Harribey Colombia
@zepepa Leandro Brazil
@Worathap_Srihirundec Worathap Srihirundech Thailand
@godel Renzo B. Italy
@scky scky Belgium
@watson Kenneth Burgess United States
@tonci Tonči Stipičević Croatia
@smutje1179 Björn Germany
@c_nieu Cliff Nieuwenhuis United States

So… what keeps you busy? What decided to head over to our forums? What is your experience with NethServer? What do you expect from this community? Please share your ideas and expectations

Also tagging: @islipfd19, @dz00te, @federico.ballarini, @pa3hfj, @Krajczar_Jeno, @alep, @keving, @ssabbath,
What are you busy with?



rspamd, sogo and probably containers


There wil be alot to do for you. I’m not a developer, but if I can help anyway, let me know.


Sup! Still busy with my school! :slight_smile: We did some demonstrations in a mall here in my city.

This was my school for the last month:

Some great numbers i got there, now lets work those numbers into new students! :slight_smile:

Yesterday the last contract i had to support some nethservers expired, i´m no longer working with servers, now i´m just a enthusiast. I still have a Nethserver in my own school, but thats it… :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, i´m the bald one… lol
Find DathVader :smiley:


I’m trying to get further familiar with the hotsync module… I will soon share my experiences so far in a separate post on that topic.

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Seeing if I can get Horde working with local LDAP authentication rather than active directory, in hopes of getting an easy-to-install module built.


Always good to see that we can have choice in mailserver/collaboration suite choice… Horde can be a great addition to the current available options like Webtop, SOGo and roundcube.

thank michael, I will ping you :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve been using Horde for 15+ years (and wrote the initial e-smith-horde and e-smith-imp RPMs), so I’d like to be able to stay with that if I can. I doubt I’ll be able to do anything on the packaging side (I never understood it very well, and that was a long time ago), but if I can at least help document what needs to be done, it’s something…

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@stephdl @giacomo @mrmarkuz can you help @danb35 out here?

Build a rpm could be relatively easy on NS, install nethserver-mock, read and you should be ready. After this, looking for nethserver-horde, of course you need a lot of understanding of what is wrong/good. At the end, build a rpm is just putting files in the relevant folder

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Horde is in my todo list, but is not the first item :wink:

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It is ok, we have also a lot of work.

Currently , i just took a deep dive into the 7.4 version ! My first thing was the installation in a virtual box !

If i get this working , the next step is to install it at a raspberry pi 3.

I must admit this is my first OpenSource-project, Please give me some time for orientation …:wink:


What do you need to lead you into the project? :slight_smile:
Did you find interesting content around?

Can’t wait :star_struck:

Thanks to you guys we are hosting our Email Server in-house. My first time ever :slight_smile:
Thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of software, a welcome part of my life.


Sorry for the late reply but i need some days to look arouround. And i suppose we have all additional stuff to do…

During my years of study i worked with the Snort IDS in a project.

May be this is a good place to start with…

Otherwise suggestions will be appreciated…

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Snort is used in NS6, suricata in NS7:

If you like security the complete firewall/gateway part of NS including shorewall, squid, ufdbguard, clamav, openvpn and more may be interesting.

You may try the new image: