So, what are you working on? 29 January 2018

Hi NethServians,
A new week and a new Welcome. Are you all as excited about next weekend as I am? Yes I mentioned FOSDEM last week too, and I am mentioning it again because it is a great opportunity to meet each other face to face. I can’t wait to attend all those interesting presentations but more importantly, talk with you guys about OUR NethServer project.

With @alefattorini still enjoying his new fatherhood, this weeks Welcome will be from me too. What are your plans? What are you working on and what keeps you busy?

And please give a warm welcome to our new members:
@Ilvo Ilvo Italy
@Magno_Santos Magno Santos Portugal
@coryw Cory Wilson USA
@jfernandez Juan Carlos Fernandez Cuba
@TJerez Tyron Jerez Belize
@wesleisnipes Weslei Alves dos Santos Brasil
@key_six Key Six Germany
@numachx Numa France
@HermanZA Herman South Africa
@patgund Patrick McKinnion USA
@poison88 Peter Gromley USA
@wayne wayne bouwer South Africa

Welcome all!!
When and how did you run into the NethServer project? Please share your stories with us!

Besides these new members, I also tag @greavette @transocean @kelevra @rasi @schweidj @gerald_FS @pike @prostream Share us your plans for next week!


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Ehi thanks for taking over our welcoming topic!
Great work! This week I need to work on our new site and catching up with the last discussions


What I’m working on this week doesn’t have much to do with Neth–I’m trying to learn enough Python to automate deploying Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates to a FreeNAS box. I think I’ve just about got it.


Looking forward to meet you all again at FOSDEM this weekend!

I am working on Zabbix integration hoping to provide a package soon. I’d like to include the great work of @syntaxerrormmm from Howto install Zabbix 3.4 which means full service integration, postgresql support, agent, proxy,.SNMP and backup monitoring.


Ehi we want photos here or on our telegram chat :slight_smile:


For sure I’ll provide some photos with my Android mobile but I hope @giacomo will arrive with his camera to have some really good pictures :smiley:


Thank you for the compliment! :smiley:

I have just to remember to bring the camera with me, added to the travel list! :wink:


great! you have a tester :slight_smile:
and kudos for nethsterver-savapage! :raised_hands:


Working on that :slight_smile: and just accepted as speaker at


Maybe i’ll start a little implementation IPFire-Based for update-mirror.