So, what are you working on? - 28 Aug 17

We’re here again folks :slight_smile:
how’s your week kicking off?
This week I’m working on

  • getting my hands dirty helping a colleague to migrate a NethServer to the 7 version :slight_smile:
  • working a new newsletter issue
  • advertising our conference and registrations!
  • working on my new talk at Open Source Summit in Prague :slight_smile: Yeah!

And you? What are you working on this week?

Let me give a big warm welcome to our new members from this past week!
Make yourselves at home and consider this your safe space for any questions you have related to NethServer and sysadmin’s life.


Finally, I tag some people that are hanging around @Max_Borgogelli @mrmarkuz @Adam_Fransson @danilo @wclemo @xcod @flatspin @Sebastian @gabriele_bulfon @Jeff_Lee

What’s on your plate this week?

What I am working on this week:

  • At work, I setup a Debian backup box for backing up Windows file server data and 2 ESXi VMware hosts with 4 VMs. The box runs nfs, samba, rsync script and Nakivo. xsibackup runs on the esxi hosts pushing the hot snapshot backups to nfs shares on the box.
  • In my Nethserver test environment I want to join Nethserver to a Win 2003 Server as DC. It worked partly, results can be found here
  • Repair the “gaming” PC of my father with “black screen” on boot, as I am a type of family admin. Maybe the hardest work for this week, like mainboard dead…and my father calling me everyday cause he can’t play WoW

wow great! keep us updated! :clap:

for fun: some update on ns7 arm
at work: setup a new nas/san with the proxmox cluster, do some tests with centos and suse on Azure
super fun: find the time to repair two old Amiga Floppy Drive :grin:


Sure, I’m super excited :slight_smile:

Let me know how they go.

We should go back to it, leaving it behind would be a shame

I am a type of family admin

@mrmarkuz at one time, we have been all the family admin :slight_smile:

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