So, what are you working on? - 26 Jun 17

Ehi family,
let’s kick off together another week! That’s my plan for the coming days

  • cleanup my personal Trello board so I can set up a good community strategy
  • plan some conversation with other community managers. I do it in order to be consistent with my English practice and to share some ideas with them, learning something new every time :slight_smile:
  • prepare an internal NextCloud webinar
  • submit new CFPs for Codemotion Milan and Open Source Summit

What are you up to?
I’m really interested in knowing what our new and old members are working on. If you’re new here, make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Community!

Are you setting up a new NethServer installation? Some great testing? Do you work for a company, or do you freelance? Is there a problem that you’re here hoping to solve?

I’m seeing a lot of people hanging around @WillZen @pa3hfj @pagaille @enzoturri @michele @stephdl @jkorac @Kolli_vasu @EddieA What are you going to do this week?

Welcome Commitee , help me to feel people welcome and share what your are working on! @bwdjames @medworthy @devfx11

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I am here to get me updated what was happen in the last months.
I also on the way to setup NS7 and test it for my self.
Otherwise I am working on a white paper in the area of radio frequency for a German company.


Always happy to see you around Stefan, German man based in Australia :frowning: are you still there?

Yes, I am still here but I have been in Germany in April and May. Now I am back in cold Australia :confounded:

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Good luck! It is always hard to deal with going from Summer :sunny: to Winter :wind_blowing_face:

You must have some sixth sense :slight_smile:

I’m precisely working on upgrading our current machines (two old servers running a blend of NS7, Odoo 10, Nextcloud, SMB, network gateway, one window 7 virtual machine, ntop…) for 15-20 users, in a cultural centre. I’ll probably configure it as mail server as well, with Sogo 3 webmail.

My main concerns are the following :

  • I want fast disk performance at low cost and plan to use LVMcache (or bcache ?) with a SSD drive. Any user have experience with that setup ?
  • Would a HP Proliant DL 380 MK 7 with 32Go ram be ok ? Isn’t it a bit overkill ? There is a nice one on eBay.
  • I’d like to use Nextcloud as our main file repository (~1,5 To) and remove SMB shares. Wondering if anybody has followed that path. The main issue stays the fact that implementing Collabora stays touchy or at least isn’t straightforward. Maybe is it still too early.
  • Finding some easy way to be able to undo some changes if I screw up :slight_smile:

I should probably open separate discussions.

Still a lot work to do :slight_smile:

Thanks, keep up the good work.


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I am looking forward to October. I will be again in Germany and I hope the weather will be warm and sunny :slight_smile:

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Yeah! I’m some kind of wizard :stars:

Indeed, we gonna help you there.

nethserver-delegated-panel Renaissance


Sounds really good! Any sneak peak?


Welcome all new NethServians. Feel at home and ask away. Or share your experience! We love to hear good stories.
Personally I am going to build a new homeserver the coming week. My trusty HP N40L Gen7 Microserver is starting to run to it’s limits. I have ordered some awesome new hardware:
Supermicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F with onboard Xeon D-1520 Mini-ITXand dual 10Gb interfaces
BitFenix Prodigy Blue (NethServer colors) Mini Server case
2x8 GB ECC RDDR4 memory
Huntkey Jumper 300G 80plusGold PSU

I will re-use the disks in the N40L:
1 60GB SSD for sytem
1 250GB HDD for logs (that is the disk the N40L is shipped with by default)
2 2TB WD RE4 for /var/lib/nethserver/

Still looking for a small 10Gb switch now… :wink:

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A lot of people are waiting for that! It would be super useful I think

@robb have you planned something to do with this? What are you trying to play with?

What! Stefan, if you come over a week before October, you could stop by in Italy for the NethServer conference! Would be awesome to meet you there!

Hello Alessio

I am a sience wirte for a big german IT Magazin
and i am working as a freelancer for some small and midrange companys
Now i am testing Nethserver as a smal bis server solutions.

What i like ist the integration af diffend solution in one platform,
like AD, mail, webmail (mostly SOGo), Cloud and IRC Chat services.
A internal Wiki package will be nice.

I dont need the KVM Nethserver is running fine one a Xenserver 7.1 with Patches.
Than it is easy to admin nethserver from far. Now i am building a xenserver HA cluster with 2 nodes (HA lizard) and soft RAIDs. and i will fly Nethserver on this small cluster.

I am fiting with Samba 4 at this time. The AD is running fine, but it will be helpfull when i can find in the documantation “how to handel the AD Container”. I found a solution in this community.

I expand the fuctionalty of the Samba Fileserver with “rouming profiles” and with file-shares. But this are not perfetly working. I can´t change the rigths from the windows client side.
Thre are only the rigths from the -> share folders -> ACL including new sub directorys.

thx Axel

Hi Axel, welcome!
wow your journal reviewed us a few months ago with a bunch of comments under the article! :astonished: impressive! I try to look through them that time.

How can we collaborate with a magazine with yours? Very curious.

Take a look at:[]=wiki

Good to know you already found some solutions in this community :slight_smile:

Open a new topic so we take a look at it!

Hi @alefattorini,

I am planning to implement AD user authentication for authenticated proxy mode.

Could you please mention some links for achieving this.

In past I have tried with v6 with no success(got NTLM authentication failure error), now I am planning with v7.

Kolli! Glad to hear from you.

You can follow this:
If you need further info don’t hesitate to open a new topic into the #support category

yes we can collaborate. More about this in a PM.
with the ACL problem i open a a new topic in suppport.

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I will see if I have the time to go to the conference. I let you know as soon as I know it.

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