So, what are you working on? 25 Nov 2019

I have to apologize to new members that had to wait so long for their well deserved welcome to the community. The list since last topic is exceptional HUGE. Although we should have posted this topic a lot earlier, but still, a BIG warm welcome to all new members.
The past 2 months have been quite a rollercoaster. With the release of NethServer 7.7 we set a big step towards implementing and finishing the new servermanager based on cockpit. This is probably the biggest challenge since the last major release from NethServer 6 to NethServer 7. When I have a look at the forums, a LOT of topics have been opened because of cockpit. Not only problems, also a LOT of suggestions for extra features and other improvements. I want to thank you for that and encourage everybody to keep posting those topics so we can make NethServer a better server product together.
Now to all those new faces in our community. I do hope you feel welcome already and find what you are seeking in terms of assistance with setting up or troubleshooting NethServer.
Please do reply here and tell us what keeps you busy?
How did you find NethServer and what do you expect from our community?
What solution in NethServer is solving your problem?
I am curious to your answers.
Now prepare for a HUGE list:
@Rafael_Marrero United States
@strauch Germany
@lrodriguez Guatamala
@firstname100 Germany
@Mir_Isv Italy
@jladmin Germany
@LaFleur Italy
@cristian.magrini Italy
@hobbes1069 United States
@neil United Kingdom
@rishijohn901 India
@DukeOfAwesome Australia
@ipoluda Ukraine
@ryanroy837 India
@AxelTU Germany
@Andrea_Achilli Italy
@Ricardo_Guerrero Ecuador
@Intelduopower United States
@Glowmanek Czech Republic
@michal United States
@elmaps Turkey
@k7dmk United States
@Alvin_Gounder New Zealand
@scorbari Italy
@Davide1986 Italy
@mur Italy
@dpronin Russia
@Zaheer_Abbas Pakistan
@admlinux Brazil
@Marcin Poland
@alex Italy
@Aldinerio Brazil
@nobicycle Indonesia
@Cole_Fyerz United States
@cracksilver Switzerland
@azrailkenan Turkey
@frankn Germany
@John Mauritius
@eversonmachado Brasil
@madu89 Italy
@chwash United States
@arturguin Portugal
@Cisqo_Timoteo Angola
@Angelo_Bevilacqua Italy
@dmartins Brasil
@Joel_Antonio Angola
@gazuza Portugal
@Alfio Italy
@Theasker Portugal
@Reconnect The Netherlands
@munjoma Zimbabwe
@irajunior2010 Portugal
@hometown2400 United States
@Guillermo_Decima Argentina
@Beto Colombia
@erielpo United States
@Yvan_Scordo New Caledonia
@Rodin_Alexey Russia
@eclois1991 Cuba
@plagonell Venezuela
@Sarvesh_Sonawane India
@JoaoPacheco Portugal
@Jacob_Pasley United States
@Harlin Zimbabwe
@pedrilo956 Venezuela
@ineagu Canada
@vahid_ezati Iran
@Jose_Bravo United States
@jacklayne Italy
@Darryl Canada
@Telkhamlichi Morocco
@ichao888 Thailand
@andrea.libralato Italy
@tman United States
@benaus Australia
@apple-fan-pl Poland
@Tayzer United States
@Chisu_Vasile Romania
@vsiqueirac Brazil
@buryala Romania
@timothe_laude France
@benhurpaz Brazil
@Nicky_Cheng Malaysia
@Corwin40 France
@pmq Poland
@Neustradamus United States
@specialistsoftware United Kingdom
@ernran Italy
@Denis Bolivia
@Augusto_Alejandro_Vi Peru
@act The Netherlands
@magespawn South Africa
@kraken Indonesia
@MB76 The Netherlands
@Diesel56 United States
@cdcristman United States

Apology tho several new members that signed up between previous welcom message and this one and are not mentioned. I should have posted this topic a LOT sooner…



Welcome everybody! So many people joined our community :slight_smile: