So, what are you working on? - 24 Jul 17

Ehi NethServerians! How is it going with your weather? Here it’s very hot :sunny: and I hope to see some precipitations in the next days. :cloud_rain:

That’s my plan for the coming days:

  • Newsletter July Issue
  • Opening a new super challenging discussion here in community
  • Opening registrations and making public our conference agenda

Let me give a big warm welcome to our new members from this past week. I’d like to remind you this is an incredible, supportive and understanding community. We’re all here to help each other

What are you working on? Is there a problem that you’re here hoping to solve?

Finally, I tag some people that are hanging around @giacomo @des @prostream @nrauso @renesigi @enzoturri @michele @pilot.mav @asl @dz00te @rosi_steiner What’s on your plate this week? Any new challenge? Not NethServer strictly related.

Hi, here in the north, thunderstorms and hail.

This week I’ll be out of office, installing M$ servers / pc.
The goal of the week is … to survive :slight_smile:

These days, unfortunately, I do not have much free time but I try to partecipate the community every day (at least to read, even if for a few minutes).

Using nethserver community version (for work we use enterprise version with the excellent support of nethesis guys) only at home time is always too little

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Don’t worry your knowledge and passion is helpful anyway. Your time is very valuable here!

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Hello Alessio!

I’m quite ashamed of myself for taking so long to reply to you. Several
things kept me from doing so, among them the current situation in my
country (which has heavy effects on me) and the fact that, being a kind of
newbie into the Linux world, I haven’t been able to post a succesful story.
Please accept my apologies.

Ok, I’ll try to explain my story the best I can:

I’ve been using NethServer for almost a year as a file server. Following a
catastrophic theft on the company (which, btw, left us with only some
mouses, keyboards and UPSs) we needed to setup ASAP a basic file server to
host the, somewhat, ERP system (Windows based) and file sharing. I chose
NethServer after reading about it on DistroWatch and I liked a lot of
things about it, from the base system it’s based on, the philosophy behind
the project, the nice and welcoming atmosphere on the forums, to the design
and feel of the webpage. I must congratulate you and the team on all those
I would like to use NethServer as a gateway for our network and that’s
where I found some troubles that I can’t figure out. The GW would be
installed as a VM running on Proxmox using a somewhat aging HP Proliant G5
with 3 NICs, two of those connected to two ISPs and the other to the
network. NethServer would do load balancing and failover (Internet
providers suck around here). The trouble arises as follows: At install and
shortly after it, the two external nics are detected as active, everything
works, but after some time one of them appears offline and I haven’t been
able to change that no matter what. Of course, my skills are very limited.
I took a snapshot of the vm with the functioning nics to see if I could
find something that triggers the mentioned behaviour to no avail. I gave up
on that, the vm has been turned off since then. I have since been using
ClearOS as a replace but, between you and me, I’m not enjoying it.

That’s it. That’s how things have fared around here. I really like the
NethServer ecosystem and I want to use and explore it in its fullest but,
given my experience, I think it’s gonna take a while.

Thanks for reaching out, that makes us newcomers feel really welcome. And
again, great job on building such a nice community.

Have a nice day.



posted instead of message, sorry post deleted …

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Hi @aliasoz,
I feel your pain my friend. But know that there are plenty of people willing to help you out with advice and hands-on aid. There are many people from Venezuela in our community. @apradoc and @jgjimenezs might help you with their connections in the Venezuelan opensource community. Feel free to contact them and I am sure they will give some guidance and point you to the correct (local) NethServer community members.

I am sure we can help troubleshooting your Gateway problem. You could start with having a look in the logs. Maybe @giacomo can point what logs to find and give us the relevant information to start digging.


Why did you delete that? It was a great introduction :slight_smile:

What’s going on guys? Are you safe? What’s the situation in your country?