So, what are you working on? 23 Sep 2019

Another month passed. Holliday season is over and we are entering autumn. Now the days are shortening, we have pleanty of time gathering together at our forums and enjoy NethServer with all it’s great features. We can’t do without you guys! I can’t stress this enough: NethServer is a community effort and only with your input, the project can advance.
There are some exiting things ahead of us. The new servermanager based on cockpit is rapidly finishing up and very soon we may expect NethServer 7.7 to see the light.
Even minor updates are important to be tested before going live, so if you have a spare (Virtual) machine, do give us all a hand and report your findings.
A new welcoming topic would be meaningless without a shoutout to all those new members. WELCOME!
@pavanlinux India
@eljon_pirani Albania
@broskh Italy
@spittingfire Canada
@SamApeldoorn Netherlands
@Offer_Us Morocco
@htran Germany
@sheras88 Germany
@Ombiognio Cameroun
@Felix_Rojas Argentina
@1113 Ukraine
@badrulamin Bangladesh
@webgalerien France
@lalatendu India
@Emmanuel_Bagilizina Rwanda
@riemensc Germany
@dsystem Italy
@ServSlack Brasil
@Fernando Spain
@Naveen India
@tl5k5 USA
@ofiz Ireland
@krisden France
@hugolinux Brasil
@paolo.carli Italy
@felixnrc Argentina
@tektusas Belarus
@Bala India
@chirik Ukrain
@paperguides UK
@DarkMagician USA
@Florindo_Zingaro Italy
@patapatalex Italy
@Dono44_sl France
@Massimo_Farlotta Italy

Good to have you all aboard.