So, what are you working on? - 22 May 17

Ehi NethServerians,
sorry for my absence but don’t worry I’m still hanging around :slight_smile: I’m just really busy planning [my talk at DES] (My trips and talks all around the world 🇪🇸 🇺🇸 :-)) in Madrid :es: this Thursday.
What’s the title? It’s amazing and I really love it :heart: Open innovation, what companies can learn from Open Source communities

As always I want to give a big, warm welcome here to our new members from this past weeks. I am so thrilled you found us and can’t wait to get to know all of you. :wave:

If you’re new here, make yourself at home and tell us what are you working on!

@ambassadors_group @Jim @medworthy @ghost @zapdog @greavette @Ruaraidh @maxbet @Crazyusb @Ctek @Miko10 @hucky @EddieA What’s on your plate this week??

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This week I am continuing experimenting with ARM based SOC devices. As some of you may have read from my previous posts, I have been testing Linux with a Banana / Lamobo BPi R1 “super router” device and have just received a SIM800L GSM / GPRS module which I am going to use for TCP usage and experiment with Asterisk / FreePBX.

I have also purchased a Adafruit PCF8523 real time clock module and a case-less SSD SATA drive (128GB) to use with the Banana.

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Just experimenting or do you have any business in mind?

At this stage I am only experimenting, I am intending to release my final results to the web and depending on formulating a plan, this could turn into a future business related project.


@Home : testing the newly added GPS module to my pfSense firewall (Stratum 0 time server) and evaluating HW for future upgrade (AES NI compatible platform).

@Work (well… still at home for now) : evaluating NS7 in conjunction with ESXi and simulating use and upgrade path for office.




I’m out in Zambia working voluntarily for a school, the run a DC so using NS for Web Proxy and filtering, also for DNS and DHCP.

Matt :slight_smile:


Are you setting up a NethServer for that scool?

Sounds great. Which paths are working well for you?

I was setting up a NS for a small office (friend) also experimenting the ONLYOFFICE , I suggest that you look into it.
This will definitely replace the collabora online, it goes well with nextcloud as well as it works as standalone.
It can be installed on NS without problems it relies on NGIX , it has iredmail (
Horde Groupware

as part of the suite.
The community version works perfectly fine, free of charge for up to 20 simultaneous connection
check it out :
this is a prebuilt for centos :


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Well @ghost beat me to it! :slight_smile:

I’m also working on testing onlyoffice document server with my Nextcloud. I agree it looks awesome! I don’t like the setup of collabora (at least it never worked well for me) but I’m hoping to have better success with onlyoffice. I’ll setup a separate post on this eventually with what I hope will be steps to help others.

Couple of questions for you @ghost…in your testing of setting up onlyoffice, did you have to add an ssl cert to your onlyoffice server in order for Nextcoud to work with it? And are you using the full onlyoffice suite or just the document server?


I am still working on it.
I started trying to vistualize NS7 on ESXi, but I could not make it work with the integrated AD provider. I switched to an external SAMBA AD controller, but the integration is not as good as the one we had in NS6 (control users and groups directly from NS).
I will try again NS7 on bare metal to review some issues and then I will try to virtualize it with Proxmox.

In any case I am planning a complete reinstall for the migration.

I will keep you posted.


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@greavette Yes unfortunately there are some misleading configuration instructions in Onlyoffice youtube videos. They point to Onlyoffice with http which is not correct.
Since the recommendation is to have a separate machine for onlyoffice, I went the UBUNTU way by following this link.

Obviously I did it with the document only portion, however I am working on the full suite.
Full suite because I wanted the mail (iRedmail) server part as well.
I tested iRedmail earlier and it looks very nice so I will give it the benefit of the doubt.

And finally yes you need the ssl certificate, one important tip when creating the ssl certificate please forward port 80 to your machine else you cannot carry on with the certificate creation.
I spent a good one hour trying to figure out why, as I was probing my 443 port :blush:

The configuration is straight forward if you follow that link.

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Sounds super interesting thanks for heading that up
I will take a look definitely

Great work @Mattpickford! I have done something similar in Senegal a few years ago. An amazing experience! I would love to hear your story when you are finished there!

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nethserver-awstats teaser


/me is learning html

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Yep Nethserver for the school, mainly to run as a Proxy & also for DHCP / DNS etc

Thank you! Ill probably write a blog up once I get back :slight_smile:

Great idea! I always looking for blog post about great experience!

Looks a great start! Do you have a package/howto to test yet?

Thanks for the welcome … sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

As for the question … I am replacing a Windows SMB server installation with a mixed Nethserver / Turnkey Linux server ‘farm’, spreading risk over several (virtual) machines and Nethserver has been selected as the directory, mail, FTPES, and file server.

Past year I have been tinkering to see if I can somewhat stay within what users where used to on Microsoft, and since that mostly is the case, we are now migrating to production with the systems.

On the metal side we are running on a TrueNAS Z20 with a 20 core server, and we are enjoying a few extra teambuilding trips from the license costs saved :slight_smile:

Any questions, shoot. Thanks again for the warm welcome!

Goodmorning Community!
Can you help me? I have this problem with SSL Reverse Proxy.

Federico Ballarini