So, what are you working on? 22 Januari 2018

It’s 2 days overdue but here comes…
Another exiting week has passed. But maybe even more important: a new week is dawning. What keeps YOU busy this week?
We are getting closer to a great opportunity to meet each other live in Brussels at Fosdem 2018, which will be held 2 and 3 February at Universitée Libre.
@Stll0 will be giving a presentation in the Lightning Talks on Saturday afternoon about FreePBX integration in NethServer. And after that at 15:30 we will try to get a room so we can have a Comunity meeting where we will discuss Community Governance: What do we want to achieve with our community and how are we going to make that happen.

So, a lot of things to look forward to.

Besides that, we welcome our new members:
@MikeCSP Dune France
@Ramforth Jo Eskil Røset Norway
@antonioclj Antonio Carlos Lemos Junior Brasil
@MagicFab Fabian Rodriguez Canada
@mikelantzelo Μιχαλάκης Μιχαήλ Greece
@acastillo ANGEL ALEJANDRO CASTILLO GARCIA Dominican Republic
@jpalomeque Jose Palomeque Bolivia
@hardelle2002 Nkouka Hardelle Reycha Congo
@Max_Franco Max Franco Italy
@nikoz83 Nicola Italy
@RobertTwells Robert Twells United States
@alessandroalb Alessandro Italy
@Tripple_Tee Tripple Tee Australia
@Amoralezzz Igor Russia
@ftaurino Francesco Maria Taurino Italy
@alfredop_Sanmayel Alfredop Sanmayel Cuba
@The_Duke Gaetano Marchese Italy

Again a massive list of new members from all over the globe! From Russia to Cuba and from Norway to Australia.
What made you come over to these forums and sign up? What do you think of NethServer so far? Do you already use NethServer and if so, since when do you use NethServer?
We welcome you and encourage you to become an active member. Ask questions, answer questions, give response on discussions and start new ones.

Tagging also @ctek, @medworthy, @CharlieWhiting, @kelevra, @gerald_FS, @EddieA , @rasi, @francesco.pari, @haliparotin
What keeps you guys busy? Any chance we meet at Fosdem in Brussels?


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