So, what are you working on? 21 Aug 2019

Holiday season is a slow time, so they say. Not for our community and what a load of new NethServians we can welcome! As always: the more the merrier!

What brings you to our community? How did you run into NethServer? And what do you think NethServer can do for you?

I’d love to hear your stories and what you do in both professional and spare time. Can you fill us in on that?

So here comes this HUGE list of new faces:
@Federico_Romano Italy
@deggialcu Cuba
@Oudamseth_Samin Cambodia
@Buster US
@Calota_Adrian Germany
@create0 India
@Jonar Philippines
@dragontattoo USA
@Taylor_Hammond USA
@Patricio_Hernandez_C Chile
@Jesus_Chavez_Bastias Chile
@falcon USA
@danieljuniorce Brasil
@AlexAltschuller Russia
@recklessop USA
@mfm Bulgaria
@Kevin_Koll South Africa
@adnanbutt0550 Germany
@HarleyUltra2013 USA
@Tameze USA
@Hans_Wolters Germany
@busopsoit Venezuela
@frazier USA
@wdar United Kingdom
@gianluca.ts Italy
@Andrea_Gusparo Italy
@markfilan United Arab Emirates
@dangquan09 Vietnam
@Elliott USA
@cedemi Italy
@jgelauff Netherlands
@haluwong Hongkong
@blakegreen USA
@allefm Latvia
@Odark Kenya
@Eddy_F_Misericordia Bolivia
@Mat.78 Italy
@Gandor USA
@Gabriel_Frohlich Brasil
@scarlettcolton USA
@willingmedia Canada
@onlitec Brazil
@ferdiga Austria
@fakehydra California USA
@B.Kumm New Zealand
@Damien_Moneti Romania
@blackjay8 USA
@Tercio_Ferreira Brazil
@Uwe_Wardenga1 Germany
@D3t0ur3d_Disodence USA
@Mohanadab Dubai, United Arab Emirates
@leonyobmol Philippines
@ANK-SD Brazil
@scania471 Hungary
@uebmaster Mexico
@bpcoteam Slovenia
@dmt816 USA
@ahmadzaia833 Afghanistan
@Diana72 USA
@tkbrb Germany
@hamedzare1392 Iran
@djchavex Portugal
@tuxmontero Dominican Republic
@Goomba Hongkong



Such a great people here! I can’t wait to know your stories too

Hello! I’m a video engineer, working on software for color transformation and digital cinema mastering. I discovered Nethserver when our IT admin chose it to run a fileserver. To me it seems like a lot of extra stuff to learn when I’m already comfortable with Linux command line, but it’s not my call. So I’m slowly figuring it out.


@Elliott great to hear you like to learn more. As always: if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to open a support topic and ask! There is a huge community behind NethServer with over 1500 people with a LOT of knowledge to share.

I am an IT technician in a company, with a role of mainly asset handler. However we carry out laptop repairs and reinstallation of OS.
Seeing SCCM working in my company i learnt how to install it on a new domain with exchange server 10 of Microsoft. I met success in that goal but seeing the licence issues. i had to uninstall the things as they were all installed on evaluation versions.
Then one of our colleague mentioned about Nethserver and it got me in .


Welcome Waseem!!!
I guess that all of us have did it, at least for some time

Where is your collegue? I’d like to give him a medal :smiley:

I would, but i am not sure he wanted to be publicised or not, so not naming him. :zipper_mouth_face:

Upgrading the Scapegoat, but in the wrong way.
move the HDD to another hardware, less crappier, but i have to manage the connection to the web management to re-connect Zones, ips and network cards. Links refuses to connect to with “SSL Error”. And I did not found the way to say it “ok, i know, ovverride the error and get me to the login page, smart dude!”

@wdar don’t worry about privacy, you only have to ask if he is willing to join our community and find the same help you received from us already.
Giving a (special) badge is just a special reward from our community added to someone’s profile. Nothing fancy, but it reflects the gratitude we have for people that help the project further.

Hi! Sorry for late answer. :smiley: I have tried Ubuntu Server as the operating system for my personal mail server with Postfix and Dovecot but I wasn’t able to make it work. My father at his office has its own mail server, so I went to their domain in the browser and the nethserver’s welcome page came up. That was the time when I thought I could use this software for my mail server. For the first time, it wasn’t successful because of the domain. I used a free domain, so I bought one and it worked perfectly. My only problem was that I wasn’t able to send mails because of my ISP provider, so, I started using Sendgrid as my external SMTP server aaand it works perfectly. I’m very happy with it.

My only problem is the antivirus software. ClamD or what. If I upload a file to Nextcloud, the CPU and RAM goes to 100%, the upload stuck at 100% and I can’t access the webGUI from my MacBook anymore for minutes, so I removed the whole antivirus software from my mail server. I don’t think, it’s very safe, but my hardware can’t keep up. I’m planning to upgrade my Pentium D with 3.5GB of RAM to a more powerful system but I have to think about the case as well.

I’m also planning to make a video about how I made my mail server or home server. :smiley:

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Most of lack of performance is due to the CPU. Maybe a newer (and with more core, and faster ram) will ease a lot o performance stuckness. And maybe, also lower the power consumption.

Welcome here Martin. Feel free to share your photo