So, what are you working on? - 20 Nov 17

Happy Monday NethServer Tribe!
I’m a bit busy these days, I’m working on two new projects for the community. Stay tuned :slight_smile: I’ll get back to you.
In the meantime, I can’t miss the opportunity to give all the new NethServer members the welcome they deserve.
If you’re new here, welcome to the NethServer community. You can come back here anytime you feel like connecting with your fellow NethServer members.

Get started, if you’re ready to jump in, by commenting here. Please tell us: What are you working on? What brings you to NethServer? What’s your story?

Looking at you…

Finally, I tag some people that are hanging around
What’s on your plate this week? Anything related to NethServer? @boerni @mrmarkuz @des @ghost @GG_jr @saitobenkei @Ctek @planet_jeroen @EddieA

Currently I am enjoying using NS7 as DNS, DHCP, Firewall, IPS, VM, Virtual Hosts, OpenVPN and IPsec.
For chat I am using OpenFire :wink:
Still waiting/testing to implement SambaAD (I had to connect 2 locations to one NS7 AD with shares on this locations)

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I wasn’t tagged in this one, but I’ve been working on getting Neth running on a ZFS root filesystem. I’ve been using FreeNAS for some time, and ZFS brings some very useful features and capabilities to the table. I’d love to see this in the base system, but that seems unlikely to happen as RH doesn’t like ZFS very much.

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I’m curious about this scenario. Why do you need to connect remote AD shares?

It’s open to everyone, tagged or not.

I figured as much, which is why I chimed in.

I would say with a fast connection it is not a problem with vpn, otherwise I would install a second AD as slave and an idea is to create a shared folder at every location and sync them after using. What I don’t know is if there is a software to automatically lock the file which is in use at the other location and syncing after it is unlocked again.

For administrative purpose i want solution like this

users at location #1 had shares on NS7 at loc #1
users at location #2 had shares on NS7 at loc #2

users at location #N had shares on NS7 at loc #N

but all of them are connected to one NS7 SambaAD

it could be great to had at those locations secondary NS7 SambaAD server ( like @m.traeumner said) because i think if the IPsec connection breaks (i had this situasion last week) the users won’t be able to user their shares at their locations…

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Hey all :slight_smile:

I am bussy getting a NethServer based domain ready for production, solving some last PITA’s and documenting things. Thinking about making sure I can find that later with google by posting it, if I can get it to work as I want.

atm it consists of a Nethserver domain server, a Nethserver running VSFTPD and SAMBA shares, a Nethserver running SOGo (giving me headaches with user-shared mailboxes :frowning: ) and a couple of Nethservers modified to run PHP7 and Typo3/OTRS/Redmine/Alfresco and SuiteCRM. From that last line, only Typo3 is running atm, Alfresco will join the lot in a few days if all goes as planned, followed by SuiteCRM and the rest.

All in all quite a nice challenge :slight_smile:

Please keep us in touch! I’d like to document how NethServer could become a framework for all those apps

I aim to share that back to the community in a way that you can hand a sysadmin an ISO image and that document, and have them replace M$ AD, Sharepoint, Project, etc. etc. etc. without losing functionality or interoperability. Mail is being quite a PITA tho.


Yeah! Thanks man, we appreciate it.