So, what are you working on? - 2 Jul 2018

How’s it going? Summer is already here :sun_with_face: Did you plan your vacation yet?

It’s time to welcome all of our fancy new members! 90 new faces over the last month! :man: :woman: :smile:

Make yourselves at home and consider this your safe space for any questions you have related to NethServer or IT professionals. This is an incredibly supportive and understanding community. We’re all here to help each other. :handshake:

So what specifically are you working on at the moment?

Looking at you

What’s in your plate @dnutan @pagaille @MrE @mark_nl @pike @fausp @Jclendineng @planet_jeroen ?


Not much at the moment, since my nethserver-automx and nethserver-acme-dns modules seem to be working as intended.


Still working on architecting my AD / DNS environment. I took a break (vacation! woo!), did a bit more research, and now I’m back on the warpath. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do actually have a few questions.

  1. How would I go about federating two AD / DNS environments? Say I have and - both Nethserver domains. Any way to federate them? Does federation via RSAT work (domains and trusts)?

  2. I was able to create a reverse lookup zone, however; new DNS entries from Computer Accounts joined to the domain and added to DNS did not receive PTR records. Manually creating the records seems to work fine. I really don’t like the idea of having to manually create PTR records for everything I join to the domain. Is this expected behavior? Shouldn’t the PTRs get created automatically?

  3. What is the exact relationship between the NethServer install and the VM/Container that’s provisioned on NethServer for AD / DNS? When pointing to a Domain Controller should I be asking for AD DC services from the NethServer IP or the nsdc VM/Container/(what is the nsdc exactly?)?

  4. I see that NethServer is using DNSMasq for DNS. What is the nsdc using? BIND? If so: is the nsdc using the DLZ module?

I may try moving to a straight-up Samba + BIND9 DLZ setup to get the behavior I’m looking for (full replacement for M$ AD / DNS). I’d really like to stick with NethServer though.

After I get AD / DNS all figured out I’m going to take a crack at email. I’m leaning toward Zimbra. Anyone care to convince me to use NethServer for that instead? :smiley:

Thanks for this! Very cool of you guys to ping the newbies and ask for a check-in. :heart:

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Welcome here Derek :wink: could please open different topics? I guess that this not the right place :wink:

  1. I am looking at setting up a nethserver that will act as a vpn for my other services.
    2)Ill setup another server, that will have nethserver, with others systems like pbx, as well as nextcloud, that will be used for internal operations,
    some configuration pages in them will only be accessible through the vpn,
    On another server, ill deploy zimbra, running centos. since I have not found a better alternative that’s as powerfull for enterprise, only I hate the way it handles spam…
    while another which will house attlassian stack, jira, confluence and bitbucket, unless someone has better alternatives

am all open. here is my staging email


Oh… Alright. You should considering revising this line from your original post:

to read more like:

“Make yourselves at home and consider this forum your safe space for any questions you have related to NethServer or IT professionals. This thread isn’t about support though! Just saying hello. If you’ve got questions please open a new topic in the Support section.

Just a friendly suggestion. May help avoid confusion. :crazy_face::upside_down_face:

Should I open up a new topic for each individual question?


Welcome Derek. Yes, I think separate topics to keep focus on each question; and thanks for the suggested correction.


Good point I need to refine my sentence

CentOS7 Desktop integration…


My plate is good filled :grinning:

First prio is to get a ns-arm 7.5.1804 out for testing.

Besides that I want to get rid of the still running Clearos 6.x box.
The thing holding me back is I just love my Zarafa (now developed by Kopano). I have no intention at all to introduce just another groupware solution, especially as Kopano is touching into all veins of the Nethserver-Mail eco-system. For my personal use I got it running and it looks like can get rid of the “old - but beloved" Clearos box pretty soon.


Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m developing a server to be used in a school. I come here following “Linux goes to school” project, but I have different constraint so I cannot clone their project.
Anyway, NethServer is really interesting and I hope it will be the right solution for my project.


Hi! Do you have a map showing professionals nearby? It would be great to meet up fellow professionals.

Using Proxmox right now with Nethserver VM:

  • NS as a DC (its working!)
  • Migrated 5 users/devices in production (more to go)

Need to:

  • Migrate one sql server to this domain to get services and users authenticated. (this is the crucial one)
  • Migrate more users using Forensit’s User Profile Wizard. Maybe the docs can have this documented or some other options to do this task. And I recall that this can be done editing the registry but I lost my notes a long time ago (before win8 appears).
  • Decide to migrate all my files shares to this VM (the easiest way); or, understand and use Nextcloud instead of shares (better or worse option?)

And I want to (can’t get it done) :

  • Create and use a vpn
  • Port forward an hidden-offuscated port to reach a local computer with rdp from the outside (to know how this can be done with NS)

And more important: Buy a subscription!



Nethserver is my mail server/webhost currently running in a VM along with 2 dns servers. I have a physical dns server as well and would like a physical mail server, so I am trying ARM nethserver on a rasberry pi to see how it runs. Would be nice to have a physical mail server with a redundant virtual one in case something dies. Using OPNSense on my gateway, just because nethserver runs terrible on it (it was made for bsd, so most linux distros run badly). Next up is a VDI server so I can host more virtual machines but I am waiting on AMD rhyzen to mature a bit more as there seems to be issues with virtualization using AMD cpu’s.

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… I feel like I owe an explanation of my absense lately … and worse, me not using the subscription model yet. I will give you guys the short version of an otherwise dramatic long and unbelievably stupid story, spanning the last 2 years.

In short, management changed, they are relying on the wrong people for information, and due to ISO and loads of people not understanding shit about IT here, my function got reduced to support for our software. Needless to say I am actively on the lookout for a new job.

I loved the journey with our network, the ease Nethserver made that, and it was more ISO ready then the current management will probably ever understand, but I do not really see us moving forward on the trajectory I started 2,5 years ago.

I am past the mourning stage by now, and I hope that my begging for this subscription model has at least brought some support your way … and hey, perhaps a miracle will still happen, but I am not counting on it any longer.

I will be finishing the promised documents I talked about, regarding server setups, they will double as my documentation for tha case where I have found a new job, but they havent found a competent systemengineer yet, or the partner that will host our servers has questions. That way at least people who appreciate it will also benefit.

No, I am not bitter … just meh … it’s a waste of perfectly good money and time … and the company can not afford it … I think … time will tell. Had to let you guys know at least something on why it is suddenly a bit quiet from my side.



I wish you the best, and success!

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Sad to read that. They’re loosing a good man. Keep your head up, I am sure other companies will be happy with you.

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With next wednesday there will be the third firewall upgrade in 3 weeks.

Round 1: box from 6.9 to 7.4/7.5. A mess. I was not able to correctly address the new network card naming to existing network name (e# changed name to enp#s#) therefore i were stucked outside the box. The installation were quite easy, i kept enough notes to spin the wheel starting from scratch. More time than expected but a success.
Round 2: old IPCop-based box to NethServer 7.5. Nice and nifty toolbox the old one, but far more power, ram and features into the new one. Started from scratch (cleaned also dusts from users, rules, port forwards, cats and dogs stored who knows where…

Round 3 will be another 6.9 to 7.5 upgrade. Still flipping the coin: from scratch or upgrade?

(Trying to evangelize a small team of users into a buinding company into use MatterMost instead of Whatsapp… who knows? :upside_down_face: )


I’ve used Nethserver to replace the old SBS installation i’ve used for years at home and its woking brilliantly.

I’m hosting 4 different email domains for various family members and they’re all very happy with how its working.

My wife loves Nextcloud as its great for sharing things from her phone to her computer for her home business.

I’m looking at how I can migrate my home media system to Linux now but sticking point is Sonos software is Windows only at the moment. I’m going to see if I can use Wine to run it.

Thanks again to everyone who’s helped me work out the little problems and getting me up and running!



If we can help let us know. Sorry for that, you did something amazing for your company. I hope it will be ok!

Sounds good! Don’t give up! :smile: I’d like to know about your Mattermost implementation…

Nice family :wink: happy to have made you and your family happy.
Are you using it just at home or at work too?