So, what are you working on? 2 Feb 2019

Good Morning from Fosdem
today it’s a big day for our whole community, many of team are here to meet, chat and share things about NethServer.
So happy to see some friendly faces again, like @mrmarkuz @robb @stephdl @m.traeumner and others… :heart:

But it’s time to welcome our newcomers

Make yourselves at home. In my totally unbiased opinion, the NethServer community is one of the most supportive and proactive communities in the world. Any time you have a challenge with NethServer, we’ve got your back.

What are you working on? Why are you here?


High :slight_smile:
I working on FHEM will be a nice module 4 Nethserver :wink:
it is a smart home project

and i will visit mozilla berlin for voice recogition (like Alexa or Siri at home with no external cloud)

Welcome! Looks so interesting for home uses.
Would you like to write an howto?

but i am testing now on raspbian and I will build a Module 4 PI and X86

will be nice on the PI
FHEM is written in perl :slight_smile:
on a PI its easy 2 use the GPIO Pins 4 nice things


and to let Nethserver be GDPR confirm running in VM with crypted storage…