So, what are you working on? - 19 March 2018

A new week has begun and what a week! For all NethServians on the northern hemisphere this week spring starts! Bye bye winter! Let’s look forward to the sunny side of the year.

I want to point to our ongoing discussion about Community Governance. As our community is growing, we need a bit more formal approach towards how we treat each other and what we all think is best for the community and the project. You can find the open discussion here:

This week we also welcome someone from the hosting country of the Olympic Wintergames and a lot of other new members:
@tetricky Trent End Tricky England
@StrikeR Claudio Pilia Italy
@NDeRosa NDeRosa Italy
@hyunjun kim hyuyn jun south korea
@siriogia Sergio Donato Italy
@Michael_Rice Michael Rice United States
@gll luca Italy
@uberchecka Bud Spencer Germany
@microservi paulo s junior brazil
@ProjetoRoot Projeto Root Brasil
@eduardomagalhaes Eduardo Machado Magalhaes Brasil
@1118 segma1900 Malaysia


where? Missed link :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on this the last couple of days:

I don’t use Nextcloud on FreeNAS myself, but there are several guides on installing it, and people having trouble with all of them, so I figured it ought to be scripted.


oops… fixed…

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