So, what are you working on? - 19 February 2018

Good morning my NethServer friends. A brand new week is dawning. What a week we had! And more to come in the next weeks. The NethServer community is getting more mature every week and there will be big news on this the coming week too: I am preparing a proposal for the community to comment on how we will be running our community in the future. So stay tuned for that!

And as always a very warm welcome for our new members. Give them a round of applause. And let me start with a question to you new guys:
What are you working on? How did you find NethServer? And what is your impression about NethServer and the community?

@0ooNeoo0 Vilse Neo India
@marfo Mark Foerster Germany
@johnd John Davey New Zealand
@quizhead quizhead Germany
@machine1 Michael Croatia
@Murilo_GLIX Murilo Glix Brazil
@liberodark Liberodark France
@stevieb413 Steve United States
@pablo_s Pablo Sanchez Canada
@Anastasia_Stefanuk Anastasia Stefanuk Ukraine
@Eduardo_Luis Eduardo Luis Brasil
@cisnerof Frank Cisneros United States
@jalvey74 Jason United States
@tmb Thomas Germany
@Chris_Ford Chris Ford United States
@Rebekah Rebekah Bulgaria

As always: If you have questions: Ask them! If you know an answer to a question? Help your fellow members out. There is no such thing as a stupid question, unless it is not asked!

Also tagging: @kurtes25 @kelevra @transocean @geofxgt @EddieA @Wellington_Rodrigues @xcod @gerald_FS @Ulm59 @henrymendis @desuarez

What are you guys busy with? Please share your stories!


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