So, what are you working on? - 19 Apr

Good morning NethServer family,
I’m two days late this week because I’ve been enjoying a relaxing Easter break (even if I brought my computer to work on some coming talks). I hope some of you were able to do the same :slight_smile:

I’m planning three talks at the same time: one tomorrow here in Nethesis about our community, another one in Madrid next month and the last one for the Community Leadership Summit in Austin

I want to give a big, warm welcome to our new members from this past week.
If you’re new here, make yourself at home and tell us what are you working on!

So, what are you guys working on? @ambassadors_group @quality_team @ssabbath @rajeevkuju @sharpec @wbilger @Superpila @iglqut @gabriele_bulfon @Imre_Bertalan


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Welcome new members! It is good to have fresh ideas here, aldo people here are reaaally skilled and creative :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, currently i´m coding teacher for children and teens, so that means i´m not working… lol

My school: :smiley:

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Super geeks??? So cool :slight_smile: Are you the bearded man? What are the features of such school?

I’m a great Nethserver scholar, he graphs everything I’ve done manually for over 10 years. I’m studying his development.

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Nope, i wish i had a full beard like that! I´m the really really white guy…

We teach coding for kids and teens between 7 and 16 years old, (Python,JavaScript, C#, C++, Lua, Ruby and others) with the gaming approach, starting with logic(, codeforlife, minecraftEDU) and then we start with programs like Construct2, Stencyl, and then later in the course AppInventor, GameMaker, Unity and Unreal with actual coding… all gaming focused, kids like it a lot! :open_mouth:

The entire course is 5 and a half years long, each module is 6 months.

Good stuff, it is fun! :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
Currently i am after work, but i have succesfully created backup server with NS (!), and also i am planning to replace extisting linux environment to NS.
Simplicity of doing stuff in NS is awesome and finding help/solution here is also very good.
plans for the future:

  • implement AD (succesfully done that on 2 VM for test - NS for AD, Win10 for client and it works very good)
  • replace old linux routers with NS (you have here things that i have been missing somwhere else :wink: )

Keep up the good work guys !!


Glad to know, what do you appreciate most?

A lot of fun indeed! @education_team what do you think?

Happy to know that our discussions here are helpful for others

Is there any feature that you would like to highlight?

I apologise for not posting very much lately but been having problems with my previous ISP (signed up and received a new contract with a different provider only this morning).

Recently, I have been reviewing and commenting on a lot of videos / social media posts related to the recent political happenings that have been occurring both here in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia (I think that I have spent a bit to much time looking into various political issues).

I have also been spending a lot of my time working on and reconfiguring my servers and website that is hosted at (the public site / ‘home page’ still has very little content but have been experimenting a lot with LDAP, Collabora, XMPP, WebRTC and various other technologies).

As some of you may already know I have recently completed a course that allows me to formally teach within adult education (UK NOCN Level3 award in education and training - QFC, this course may be recognised by the previous title - Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector or PTLLS).

Whilst doing all of the above, I have not been ignoring this forum and have been very interested in the ‘Nethserver on Raspberry Pi’ thread, been following the valiant efforts of @denis.robel and now am intending replicating his usage / configuration of NS with a Raspberry but using a Banana / Lamobo BPI R1 instead.

On top of all of the above, I have also been looking for a new work contract (not been very successful as of date but have been very busy seeking new contracts).

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Making some dirty scripts to import others url/domain malware lists in Nethserver web content filter:


They work simultaneously with the blacklist selected in “Web content filter -> Blacklists” and can be activated/deactivated in groups created in “Web content filters -> Filters”


Sounds great. Will you write a little how to? :slight_smile:

@medworthy glad to see you here again. Did you make some experiments with Collabora and WebRTC?
What’s “Lifelong Learning Sector”? It sounds very cool.
We need your help with PI spin and good luck with your new contract :four_leaf_clover:

@saitobenkei it looks amazing! Did you manage to make it work? Can you share your hard work with us?


Whilst it sounds cool, it is really not! In fact it is a ‘buzz slogan’ that is used both within the UK private and public sectors (pushed by the UK government) which actually means the adult further education sector.

Due to having problems with my previous ISP, I have needed to use other peoples terminals / workstations (friends and public access terminals, ie. my local library services) for various tasks, because these terminals tend to only have MS products installed on them (and due to my preference for Libreoffice rather then using MS Office), I have installed Collabora (in conjunction with an existing installation of Nextcloud, which I use to synchronise my personal calender and contacts / address book between my daily home workstation, phone and tablet) on a VPS so that I can create and edit Libreoffice based documents.

I have had a lot of problems with the installation of Collabora due to the VPS provider choice of operating systems / distros and kernel versions, but have been using Colabora for the last couple of months and have been very happy with it’s performance and usability. In the end, I settled on using the VPS with a installation of Ubuntu server (ubuntu-12.04-x86_64 upgraded to ubuntu-16.04.2-x86_64 running on a Xen based host). I am administrating this server using a combination of SSH and Webmin.

I am happy to help and will be updating this forum with my test results.

Also, as stated within my previous post, I am now looking for a new contract (if anybody / organisation needs an experienced Linux / network sysadmin then please feel free to contact me via this forum).

I spent one week in bretagne…and it is well known that holidays are almost more tiring than a week of work.

I host a talk on PGP for the 27/04…I’m a bit busy on this. It is not a huge coding month. I have some ideas, some things to do, you can follow them at


Well, I’m currently trying to get better since I’m sick like hell. :smiley:

BTW: I’m just simple system administrator from Hungary with a slightly higher attention for security than average maybe.

What I was thinking about is that I’ll try to replace the built-in apache in NethServer with NginX. I’m working with NginX now and before that, I was using Apache. I think the speed is better + NginX can be used also as a proxy server and loadbalancer at the same time. That also could be used for the servers loadbalancing capability?

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I’m at a client’s place migrating the Windows SBS server to v7, unfortunatly thats not all good and peace :frowning:
this will be a looooooooong weekend!

It never was. Keep on fighting!

Like @stephdl, I’m recovering from 2 weeks vacation in Indonesia :smiley:

And now ready to work on NS 6.9 :wink:


Please provide us a suitable scenario for NethServer opening a new topic, it could be interesting to discuss

Glad to hear from you again! How was your weekend going?

Hi everybody!
Currently i am testing all options of NethServer 7 on my virtual machines.
After long weekend (in Poland) i have planned 2-3 things
1 - install NS as S4AD and connect all workstations/laptops
2 - install two NS as firewall/gateway/ipsec server and setup connections between them from two different locations.
3 - prepare backup server (NS + BackupPC - i need help from all of you how to do it right) to do backups from +/- 70 workstations/laptops

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