So, what are you working on? - 16 April 2018


Sorry for the welcome topic absence over the last weeks, I have a been a bit busy with some events like

  • OpenForEducation with Nethesis partner
  • my talk at Codemotion Rome (packed room, more than 200 attendees!)

And you? What’s up? What are you working on? A new week is already started and we’re always here building and supporting our beloved NethServer :heart:

As every week It’s time to welcome all of our 65 new members! :astonished:

Make yourselves at home and consider this your safe space for any questions you have related to NethServer or IT professionals. This is an incredibly supportive and understanding community. We’re all here to help each other. GIVE US A TRY

So people, who are you and what specifically are you working on at the moment?

I’d like to tag here some old faces as well, like: @davidep @dnutan @flatspin @jfernandez @danb35 @filippo_carletti @dz00te @greavette @hucky @FixitFelix
What’s on your plate folks? :plate_with_cutlery:



We are a setting up a new office(expanding from 2 to 10+ people), the need is there is to have a robust network backbone/infrastructure for smooth operations. So far I have been able successfully configure the following:

These are the modules that I am working on now:
Guacamole, Transmission and Virtual machine manager

Very impressed so far!!!


Ehi thanks for replying
Where? Which city/country?

Brampton, Canada. In the near future, we will have a need for more developers and the ability for them to connect to our LAN via VPN, so openvpn will come into the mix as well.


Thank’s for the compliment… :joy::rage::joy:


What am I working on? Not a lot at the moment. I’m liking the acme-dns setup I documented here last week, as it keeps me from having my Cloudflare API key deployed as widely. Still polishing up the Nextcloud script for FreeNAS. Maybe playing with Wordpress a bit.


completing the migration from our old roadwarrior TAP setup to Routed TUN config, and with the help of some clever folks on here by crikey i think i’ve cracked it.


I’m setting up NethServer as a KVM on-top of OmniOS to replace an aging ClearOS machine.


Hello @vmakol, I’m a software developer, though I’m young, I already worked for Companies like ETECSA using Symfony for enterprise resource planning over its flotilla, I also developed some modules on python for Odoo 9 while working for 3C. I would like to know a little more about your company, maybe I can be of assistance.

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Currently, tunning my company proxy, right now I have it on manual and I’m trying to make a blue zone out of our CIDR to separate our domains terminals and smartphones.
Getting ready to migrate our old 2003 AD to NS7 Samba implementation and our old MDaemon 9 to NS7.
After I’m done with this, I will upload any insight I might had.

As usual my congratulations to NS7 team, keep up the good work.


@vmakol as you saw above open source communities are the right place where looking for talents :smiley:

Sounds good! We have a lot of smart people here!

Uh so you’re a freeNAS expert :wink:

Replacing a ClearOS? Good :slight_smile: What’s OmniOS?

Wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I have a bit of experience with it. The funny thing is that I don’t use Nextcloud on FreeNAS, but I was seeing enough issues with the installation that I decided to script it anyway.


Omnios is the continuation of OpenSolaris. Although to be specific, it’s now called OmniosCE and is based off Illumos.


@gabriele_bulfon is a huge Illumos fan :smiley:

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Yes! We do mantain our own distro, XStreamOS, server, storage and desktop versions :wink:

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Hello everyone! I’ve got a bit of a full plate at the moment, but I’ll give a rundown.
My partner and I are growing our company and finishing the preparations for a large (or at least large for us) marketing campaign and a combination launch of several products. One of which will be our first White label. We’re currently testing the final version of our white label and will be finalizing the branding of the product and packaging this week (I hope). Our white label will be geared towards residential customers and SOHO customers, and some of the other products we’ll be marketing and “launching” will be commercial products from an awesome Italian Company that you may know :wink: (if all goes as planned)
It’s very busy, but very exciting times!


Total End of Month Personal IT Tasks:

  1. Redress Patch to Home Access Switch
  2. Troubleshoot SAS Expander (HBA) to JBOD enclosure/ potentially convert Supermicro JBOD into Full DATA Appliance
  3. Forward Deploy NS7-vm onto Home LAN edge
  4. Convert current Firewall at Home LAN edge into DPI tap
  5. Rack and deploy new Distro/Aggregation Fiber Switch to setup broader Core network
  6. Deploy bare-metal NS7 appliance onto network peering edge
  7. Rebuild Local DNS Failover
  8. Rebuild Local Printing Services
  9. Rebuild AD
  10. Redeploy Remote Family Lan Tunnels
  11. Fix everything I break along the way

I am not sure that I know it, can you be more specific? :slight_smile:

Which kind of products?

Good to know that you’re living exciting times! :sunny:
Keep us update.

All using NethServer? :smile:

Well, a mixture of it and some hardware at zone edges. There is also some heavy hypervisor and NIDs stuff I’ve had to add on as the list has become a longer starting May list.