So, what are you working on? - 15 January 2018

Goooooooood Morning NethServians. It’s that time of the week again to welcome new blood. And with new blood I do mean: NEW blood…. Last Friday, Mattia was born. The son of my personal hero and our Community Manager: Alessio Fattorini. I am sure in a few years we may welcome Mattia as a member too!

Last week was a busy week. To me it looks like our forums are exploding with activity. With over 350 new posts we had a great week again. If I speak for myself, I have been busy a LOT with refueling the momentum of getting educational modules in NethServer. @mrmarkuz is doing such a great job on getting nethserver-savapage module to it’s final stage. The last few days I am busy with getting nethserver-moodle of the ground again. The existing nethserver-moodle module has a few flaws: it seems broken and incorporates an old version of Moodle. These 2 problems I hope to tackle the coming weeks.

As always, let us hear what keeps you busy. Can you manage to spend some time on getting your hands dirty and setting up a new NethServer instance? As always, virtualization is your friend if you don’t have any spare hardware laying around. You can find several howto’s on our wiki:

Not only we have quite a few new posts, we can also welcome new members to our community:

@vistad Victor Stadnichenko Russia
@Enrico_Maurizi Enrico Maurizi Italy
@Allen_Edmondson Allen Edmondson UK
@Svend_Host Svend Høst Denmark
@osslabs Vincent Newton South Africa
@giorgiocampera Giorgio Campera Italy
@Alfredo_Gutierrez Alfredo Gutierrez Perú
@GerardoMignone Gerardo Mignone Italy
@klention Klention Mali Albania
@Rinkanas_Beer Rinkanas Beer Ukrain
@duartev Duarte Vasconcelos Portugal

What brought you guys to this community? What experience do you have with NethServer and what are your expectectations of the project and the community?

Tagging also: @mark_nl, @johnnyu2bad, @iglqut, @zkmet, @ibojilov @hazell20 : What’s cooking?



@edoardo, me and some other guys are currently working on a side project named Icaro, a simple HotSpot.
The client part will be of course integrated into NethServer.

It’s still in development, we hope to release an alpha release later during the winter.

Check it out!


Trying to convince getmail in Nethserver NG 7.x to delivers downloaded mails to a delivery group instead to user’s accounts only…