So, what are you working on? - 14 Nov 17

Gooodd morning NethServer tribe!
Whats’up? Your community “agitator” is here again. :smile:

Bad luck last week end, bad guys broke the glass of my new car :cry: stealing my wife/mother-in-law’s purse :police_car: and yesterday on top of that another car crash. A guy hit my wife’s car :blue_car: :frowning: She’s fine just so scared!

Hope your week-end have been better than mine :slight_smile: Do you have any story of crashes and robberies to tell?

Anyway as you know, every week we welcome our new blood :family_men_boy: asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with. I highly suggest this great video for newcomers! :point_down:

Welcome to the NethServer Community!

Please comment below and try to answer one of these questions:

What you’re working on? What brings you to NethServer? Any story to tell?

Looking to you:

  • @Desenvolve_Redes - Desenvolve Redes - Brasil
  • @boerni - Bernhard Forster - Switzerland
  • @rmartinez - Rudy Martínez - Venezuela
  • @Rainer_Brosi - Rainer Brosi - germany
  • @rajan2000x - Rajasekhar - India
  • @rezzakilla - rezzakilla - France
  • @dougdorr - Doug Dorr - USA
  • @mforte - Michael Forte - US
  • @ANTONIO_ROSILLO - Antonio Rosillo - México
  • @netintegrity - Bob Fryer - Australia
  • @biofool - Kenneth Kron - US
  • @nzsolt - NZs - Hungary
  • @satisonotice - Satiso - Swaziland
  • @Thomas_Highbaugh - Thomas Highbaugh - America
  • @Juan_Rodriguez - Juan Rodríguez - SPAIN
  • @Kimba - Kim Mark Lewis - United States
  • @riccardosussi - Riccardo Sussi - ITALY
  • @Amort_Gottfried - Amort Gottfried - Italy
  • @somebody - Alexander Lutsenko - LPR
  • @Poul - Poul - Taiwan
  • @gindich - Igor Gindich - Ukraine
  • - Federico Maestrini - Brazil
  • @xclsys - Jose Uribe - Colombia
  • @Mihail_Strahov - Mihail Strahov - Russia

Finally, I tag some people that are hanging around @m.traeumner @Jim @flatspin @kunstlust @planet_jeroen @liviu @Adam_S @ibinetwork @Harold_Maponde_Shama @a4rgl @danb35


It’s awfully what you write. I hope your next days, weeks, month and years went better for you.
My weekend was “mixed”. At Sunday morning I was swimming with my daughter, she did 8 laps first time, which she needs for her next badge (bronze).
At the afternoon we visited my mother at the hospital wher she is since 4 weeks and she told us that she has to stay there for minimum 8 to 10 days even more.

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How old is your daughter? Freestyle?
I’m sorry for your mother, my best wishes!

Breaststroke. 8 laps a 25m.

Since September she is 6 years old.

Thank you very much, I hope everything wents well.

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Good luck to both of you and your relatives @alefattorini and @m.traeumner :thumbsup:

Fortunately my weekend was just fine, no chrashes, no injuries, nothing bad. :slight_smile:
Some friends and me had a cooking session and we made a roast goose for our wifes.
During this session of course we had to drink some :beers: :beers:
In the evening we had dinner all together with some good :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass:
Next morning was a little hard to get up, but until the first appointment all was o.k. again :blush:

Have a good week alltogetherl!

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Yeah! We would like to see see some pics!

Sorry, but this will remain privat! :smile: