So, what are you working on? - 12 Jun 17

Hello community!
Whaaat’s uuupp? This week

  • I gonna work on our monthly newsletter that I plan to deliver next Thursday
  • I’m also thinking to test some new community strategies to increase new and old users engagement.
  • In addition, I will be busy with our NethServer conference and Nethesis meeting organization. Great news are coming.

What are you up to?

I’m really interested in knowing what our new members are working on
If you’re new here, make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Community. Looking at you:

Are you setting up a new NethServer installation? Some great testing? Do you work for a company, or do you freelance? Is there a problem that you’re here hoping to solve?

That’s call isn’t just for new people, I’m seeing a lot of people hanging around @m.traeumner @rmk @edi @enzoturri @jim @mundor @tboston @dnutan @sharpec @michele @Linux_monger @Krajczar_Jeno @flatspin @bwdjames
What are you going to do this week? Even not NethServer related.

Well, it was over the weekend, but have been working on a tiny new feature patch for nethserver-fail2ban, with great help from @stephdl. Adding a checkbox to enable/disable email notifications of starting jails.


Can you point us out your effort? Sounds great.

Hi, I’m new to nethserver so still setting up but so far so good apart from issues with email down to the ISP involved, I’m switching now so that will have to be set aside for a while. It’s running as an AD DC, users are set up, Win8.1 computer joined etc but still work to go before I retire the ancient setup it is replacing.

I’m not a programmer, just been around computers more years than I care to remember so I have modest knowledge across OS’s and networking and I will dive to the command line if I have to sometimes.

PS I have used SME Server in the past and looked at Clear OS and Zentyal before choosing Nethserver. It’s running on an older HP microserver behind a pfSense box.

I will upgrade one of our servers with more memory, install proxmox and try to migrate my nethserver instance to the new host.

Privately I will build a new terrace next to the playground of my daughter for the pool.

I finally managed to get some “new” hardware to install Nethserver 7 on and as one can most probably tell from the support postings, I am going through one or two initial teething issues that ones has with a system upgrade.

Been quietly planning on this for a few months now which means I should hopefully start giving better input on v7 going forward.

This new build for v7 is a Dell Optiplex 380, 2.8Ghz CPU, 4Gb RAM and 1Tb HDD and 2 NICs (1 red and 1 Green). Its quite a bit snappier than what it was running on, the slightly faster CPU with extra 2Gb RAM has made quite a difference.

My little server is gaining in importance as my wife and I have started a small business and the server is becoming a central file storage for the business critical files, the only thing left on the build is to finish testing the backup as well as tidying up and fixing share permissions in order to help maintain PCI compliance.

Plans going forward:

  1. Hopefully give more input in the community in the coming months
  2. Hopefully get permission from the company to use the company’s AWS Playground resources to see how if NethServer can play well with AWS’s EC2 Auto-Scaling Groups and document the process if it does play well.
  3. Repeat the above process in Google Cloud Platform and Azure if it goes well in the AWS environment.

I am aware that the use case scenarios for Nethserver running in AWS or GCP or Azure may be small right now, but if its proven to work, then it will show the strength and power of Nethserver. I know that Centos 7 works fine in AWS, so it comes down to the configuration.


@rnneth are you using NethServer to learn? For personal use or in order to set it up in a company?

@m.traeumner I want some pics once the pool appears :slight_smile:

Good to know! I want you get the hands dirty with v7 :slight_smile:

So we’re making your wife happy :heart_eyes: so proud! Would you like to receive two NethServer shirts? One for you and one for your wife?

I’m really interested in those scenerios!

I have been planning to get some Nethserver tshirts at some point - will get there one day.

I am still thinking though the potential scenarios of using NethServer in the Cloud.
The most obvious would be the GUI for the centralised user management and the bandwidth and stats graphs for each server.
Not sure how the Shared Folders would work with shared file system like Gluster or EFS, at this stage I’m thinking it may not work, but will need further investigation and a bit of advice and input who know NethServer better with regards to the Shard Folder and file system perspective.

It is for home use but also a little about learning too. Overkill to go the AD DC route in a way but seems like a proper backup regime across a number of computers would be practical and certainly would be wise given current practices. I do support a one man business and small charity on the other lan but just networking and access to internet. The charity still has an old server running SME server but only functioning as a pure file server now as it has reduced in scale and only has two active but part time users on the lan so I rarely touch it. I may move their box over to Nethserver later, mainly to initiate a better backup for them but that isn’t a priority.

Of course, but it’s only a small one 1,60 x 2,60 m.

Hey community,

I’m new to the community as well.

I’m working on providing mail server services like shared calendars, contacts, out of office etc.

I’m not even sure what I’m doing (installing Nethserver/SOGo/Webtop5) will even work but I’m determined to
make it work. I see other solutions are available (filesharing, collaborations) which I’m keen to provide to business and show there are great solutions available out here.

Right now, I working on linking up with SOGo. I’m having a challenge logging in after successfully
joining Nethserver to the domain. @davidep has given me a framework I’m following but I’ve hit a snag.

This is what I’m working on currently.

My future plans are:

  • Shared calendar/contacts for all users.
  • Move/copy all emails to local server from ISP(manage locally). Good or bad idear, time will tell.
  • Setup file sharing/work collaboration/files(policies etc) repository (nextcloud?)
  • Dashboard for reports using intranet (no intranet exits yet. Still to build).

Whew, what am I getting myself into :grin:!!

In this heat? It’s great too! :slight_smile:

I can send you a shirt for free man. You’re a veteran here. Send me your address by PM

Smart move, we will be happy to help. How are you planning that? How much data?

Ehi Tshepo, thanks for your introducing post.
happy to know that more and more companies are running NethServer to offer services.

Great plans, I love that. Please keep us in touch.

Moving from ISP is a great idea indeed. And I would give a try to NextCloud

Only a few tens of gig and they aren’t adding more. A backup exists of the current state on an USB HD somewhere but is already a year old and won’t last as a reliable source forever plus their server isn’t exactly young so it makes sense to maintain a backup within my system once that is set up right.

Not ready yet, but here are some pics of work

Before beginning:


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It doesn’t appear so small to me! If I was one of your kids I would be super happy! My son would love this slide!!