So, what are you working on? 1 Oct 2018

How’s it going? As every month is time to welcome ** our new 36 members** over the last month

One of the things that I always find valuable when joining a new community is getting an idea of what other people do. It helps me to make connections and to find the right people to bounce ideas around with.

I like hearing what other people do over the course of their day. What challenges they face and what keeps them up at night.

So what specifically are you working on at the moment? Are you setting up a new NethServer installation? What do you appreciate about NethServer most?

I want to put into the loop also @greavette @gerald_FS @pike @guillermofekete @Juliano_Elias @Oladipo_Segun @AndreLinux @pviegas @bobtskutter

What are you working on?

Just to let you know that this thread isn’t about support though! Just saying hello. If you’ve got questions please open a new topic in the #support Support section

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Well…I’ve had my NethServer up and running for a few months now. It’s doing a good job. I’ve updated the system with the latest patches via the software center, and things are seeming OK. :sunglasses:
I’m just starting to “fine tune” the system.

I’ve set up fail-2-ban to block access attempts on OpenVPN, and it too seems to be working.
I’m starting to think about TLS response times with squid, the Transparent SSL proxy seems a little slow, but it’s not causing any problems.



At home or at work? Are you using it mostly as Firewall?

It’s at home. It’s running as a firewall behind a VDSL router, so the Nethserver has a WAN and LAN ip address. The VDSL router forwards OpenVPN connections to the Nethserver WAN address.

It’s running a mail server and Webtop, plus OpenVPN. I’ve configured the content filter and web proxy. I’ve got 4 users.

my mail server set up is documented here:



been working with nethserver for about 2 weeks

Im currently using it for home currently converting for business purposes and will eventually be running solely for a firewall and cluster management for the following purposes

  1. complete private cloud infrastructure for work and home purposes
  2. serve as a management portal for my home computers and work computers
  3. Eventually as my business grows and i need a bigger office serve as a complete virtual office based at my home for purposes of diskless client machines basically pick up my whole office expand with not to much effort as my whole backend office will be served from my house via things like virtual desktops iscsi booting etc

Basically use my virtual office any where in the world

And most importantly maintain it at the comfort of my own home


Sounds good. Good luck with your business! What do you do for living?

at the moment im currently buying broken electronics / computers / servers or corporate equipment you know the stuff you need licenses for and cant transfer the licenses making very expensive door stops like the wathguard boxes reflasing the bios and putting custom firmware

Im only doing this to keep a cashflow coming in thou

My objectives next year is get in to online retailing, app development, website development etc and maybe start exploring into the world of A.I.

The idea is to have a private cloud and office so i can work any where but most importantly have coders and developers and people with some real talent from any where in the world working on my projects or on the payroll

oh i forgot to ask what forum board software is this site using i like it and would like to use it for a website im going to launch as part of my project to teach young kids in east London all about computers and coding.

Giving them the best chance to secure a good job when they are older because we all know where the world workforce is heading and the jobs which are going to be obsolete


cool i really like the layout and color scehme

Working on a nextcloud data server for a sme. I just cracked how to setup nextcloud data folder on another drive without maintenance mode


Talking about the forum software, you probably have noticed this nice pencil pencil icon under each post. If you want to add or change something to a post, you just have to click the pencil icon and you can change your post.
This way, you don’t need to put 2 posts in a row in the same thread.

Great work on refurbishing old hardware.

I hope you enjoy your stay at the NethServer community and hopefully be an active member.

thanks for the info.

I have not got around to exploring this site fully yet its on my list of things todo.

i will be staying as this is my final choice of software i have chosen to build my systems on

i will be a active member of the community as i believe you will not achieve nothing if you are not active in what you are doing or society or new discoveries will not be achieved and mankind we will not press on as a unless people like your self’s my self and people like musk are not active in what we want to achieve for society.

Once i have my system almost complete i will also help develop nethserver too helping it to evolve and prosper and help those who are just starting i mean that’s what opensource is about isn’t it


Hi! And welcome for the new members!

I only have a few months here, but I can tell you this is a very nice and warm community!

I’m working on this, and I will for long because I’m learning to do all of this and it is not the “only priority” at my work…


Nice! Welcome aboard Guillermo.

I love hearing this. Can’t wait to see you aboard


Please, can you add punctuation to your posts?
Otherwise it becomes difficult to understand what you write. (IHMO)

(For our italian friends:)