So long, and thanks for all the tiles

Tomorrow is the last day ever when Windows Phone is supported.
Some people will regret it, but… Now it’s time for the apples and for the robots.


It sounds unbelievable to me but Microsoft has missed all crucial decisions and they are still here only because of the monopoly with the Windows OS. All other companies would go to the bankruptcy if they had missed the internet and the mobile market.

Just for fun :

I currently use the robot without GAPPS in the form of LineageOS 16.
Don’t forget you can get rid of the profiling nightmare by Google and Apple. There are alternatives like LineageOS and /e/. If you really want to ditch Android (LineageOS and /e/ are still AOSP, Android Open Source Project) you can try Sailfish or Ubuntu Touch
More choices:

Make sure your device supports the images for those OS’s. In general your device must have a qualcom processor since mediatek isn’t too supportive for custom roms…

I loved my NOKIA Lumia 930 … RIP!

Now I’m using an iPhone XS Max, a gift from my daughter.

I moved the “green stalker” (aka Whats’app) from WP to Android device. And my glass-cracked Lumia 532 will be disposed.
And a flamboyiant Lumia 520 will become… my NOS phone, without data services.

Did you give a try of /e/

Afaik /e/ is also based on AOSP.