SNTP services hints

(Paul Farrar) #1

I have not spotted it in the software list so I assume it could be added to the base server but can the Nethserver act as a SNTP point for my internal network across all Orange, Blue and Green networks getting its time from an reliable SNTP external source ?

Who has done this and is there a de-facto standard way to do this

How can i set NS as a ntp server for my stations?
(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #2

Hi Paul,

The NS can be synchronised with an external NTP server from Configuration -> Date and Time.

For local network, you can configure NTP from Configuration -> DHCP -> DHCP Server -> Advanced options. If left blank, the server itself will be the NTP server for all clients. - Click on the Help button.

DHCP works only for Green and Blue.

(Paul Farrar) #3

OK thanks for that, if however I have devices that are not using DHCP addresses from the NS do I just point SNTP requests to the IP address for the NS ? as it will be acting as the Default Gateway for that VLan

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #4

Yes, NS will be acting as the Default Gateway for that VLan and will give NTP.