Snapshot function in Webgui

Is a snapshot function planned for SMB sharing under Btrfs? Under Freenas or Nas4free this is no problem with ZFS. Since Btrfs is supported under Centos, it is possible to use this function. Every simple Windows server provides this function, so I think it would round off the great picture of the Nethserver. I am aware that this is possible on the console and with configuration adjustments, but I find that such a function belongs in Webgui. Are there others here who would wish for this?

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RedHat has abandoned btrfs (better late than never), so I wouldn’t expect it would stay too long in CentOS. We can hope not, as btrfs is horribly broken by design (their own wiki tells the sad story better than I could). And using anything other than XFS is going to involve a custom installation.


Perhaps hotsync can help, have alook here:

The design of XFS also has disadvantages compared to some other file systems: In current implementations, it is not possible to shrink an XFS file system. Deleted files cannot be recovered. Because of the delay in writing data, data loss in currently open files may be greater in the event of a system crash (e.g. power failure) than in other file systems. (Wikipedia)

Actually, the file system is already outdated, why is it still being maintained?

Cluster has nothing to do with snapshots. With Freenas, it is possible, as with a Windows system, to save the shadow copy back to another state via the release via SMB, or to use it as a copy.

well, if RH abandoned btrfs and still maintains/supports XFS, you’d ask your question to RH, not here.

if you want/choose to adopt btrfs (IMO) you’re on your own; feel free to design a procedure to make some snapshots and then try to create an UI panel (you’ll find all the needed info in the fine documentation)

OK, I get it.

Ok sorry, I only thought they do a snapshot also, to copy it to another machine and you can use it for your task too.