SMTP server for sending to external Email adresses in NS8

I cannot find the setting for the SMTP server for sending to external Email adresses in the mail server of Nethserver8? Where can I find these settings?

SMTP smarthost is not implemented yet. Have a read at NS8 Smarthost for sending mail thread where @mark_nl gives a solution for the meantime.

Related to SMTP, but not for what you want:

Thanks for the info, unfortunately I can’t work with the solution of @mark_nl. I cannot find the directory /etc/postfix/ on the container mail1.

bash-5.1$ podman exec -ti postfix cat /etc/postfix/
cat: can’t open ‘/etc/postfix/’: No such file or directory

Is there already an approximate plan until when smarthosts will be available in Nethserver8?

I think it’s not an existing file but one that has to be created. The example code might be missing a part.

You can try replacing cat with vi if it’s easier.

@dnutan This has worked so far, but I can’t get it to work. I better wait for the implementation in the mail server before I break something else.

Thanks for your support.