SMTP port change to 587

**NethServer Version 7.9
Module: email

I am running Nethserver in VM on ProxMox with 1 NIC and external router and firewall. My mind must be fading with age, because I cannot figure out how to change SMTP port to 587 (ISP blocking 25).The port is being forwarded and a port scan shows it a open. Nethserver, however, has other ideas it listens only to port 25.
I managed to change the port in a previous installation without issues, Has anything changed?

Hi @vbn

Using Port 587 will NOT allow your System to recieve mails from the Internet…

Port 587 is intended for clients to send mail via your server, Port 587 includes TLS (and also SSL).

To send recieve from the Internet, your Provider must open Port 25!

My 2 cents

PS: Often a simple call / mail to your providers support will clarify thngs, and if you need to pay extra…
→ It’s common for Providers / hosters to block Port 25 - until you ask for it.


That may all be true, but my ISP and any prior I have used blocks port 25 for non-commercial account, no exceptions. That is why I have been using port 587 in both directions and I am using GhettoSMTP to redirect the mail. What has changed in Nethserver or what did I forget so I cannot change the port?