SMTP Character Faults

Recently I have updated the Postfix (well, Nethserver as a whole) for my SMTP relays.

From there, I have been told that in a specific email the character “ý” has been replaced with a “?” as I assume this is not a valid ASCII character that hasn’t/isn’t supported. I compared the config via postconf -n and was not able to see anything out of the ordinary.

I have reviewed the servers and whilst they have outstanding updates, I do not believe any are pertinent to the postfix/SMTP service.

Wondering what steps I could take to view the content of the email, and too see if we’re changing any of the content. I assume it’s parsing it directly onto my smart host, but isn’t able to render the character and therefore replaces it - is there a method to alter this, at all?

Sorry it’s a real weird question. It’s got me scratching.

The SMTP shouldn’t change the content of the messages unless you added the automatic signature to all outgoing emails.

If you need to access the content of an email, you can still do it by accessing files inside the postfix queue using cat.

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