SMS gateway API


I was trying to explore more features that could be useful and found the following
it is free, it just requires an API to communicate with the Phone app.
Could anyone help? an APP on nextcloud would be great if someone is willing to help.


This is to share my experience so far and to explain how it works and how you can test ,


  1. Smartphone with Android + internet
  2. PHP server

How it works

  1. Create an account on
  2. Install the application smsgateway on your smartphone
  3. After the installation you need to provide your username and password to the app.
    —Pay attention if you change your password later , you will need to delete the device, uninstall the app and then re-install it---- There is no option to update username and password into the phone app.
  4. On the smsgateway you will see your device registered and an ID was assigned to it… Note the ID number …
  5. Go to
  6. Download
  7. unzip the file into the php root folder
  8. Create a file called send.php
include "smsGateway.php";
$smsGateway = new SmsGateway('youremail', 'yourpass');

$deviceID = yourdevid_;
$number = '+xxxxxxxxxxxx';
$message = 'Test 1 Hello ';

$options = [
'send_at' => strtotime('+1 minutes'), // Send the message in 1 minute
'expires_at' => strtotime('+1 hour') // Cancel the message in 1 hour if the message is not yet sent

//Please note options is no required and can be left out
$result = $smsGateway->sendMessageToNumber($number, $message, $deviceID, $options);
  1. Point your browser to the file send.php
  2. check the message sending status. here also you can send your message right of the smsgateway website,

I seek someone to create an APP for nextcloud so that sms can be customized and sent without changing the PHP file every time.
Also have a local copy of the incoming sms.
This could be the better version of the existing

Hope this one will find an interested developer.