Sme9 to nethserver


I am new i this forum and nethserver.

I am running an sme 9 server with an intranet application
coded in php5 and mysql without mysqli.

it is an old system.

Is it possible to run this system on a nethserver without to recode php changes and All SQL requests?

The system is only used inside an local network.

Other “Ibays” should offcource run nethserver default php and mariadb.

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Default NethServer (CentOS7) ships with php5.x so that should not be a problem.
I think the shipped mariadb module supports ‘no-mysqli’ databases, so basically this should be possible.
In the admin manual there is a chapter about migration from SME to NethServer:
I would strongly suggest to first try in a VM and don’t forget to make backups.
If you run into issues, don’t hesitate to ask here, We will try and reproduce them and hopefully, solve them together.

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On NethServer ibays are no longer used for serving web content. That would translate into virtual hosts (stored on a different path than ibays).


On virtual hosts: If you use php-scl collection you can assign the php version for each virtual host independently.


Thank you for your answers. I Will try to install a testserver in virtual box before buying New hardware.

Testet in virtualBox, Now I only need to migrate the system :slight_smile:

I think I will try to migrate everything into an virtualbox and test for the following months.

After that move to new hardware.

try proxmox instead of virtualbox, for the long term it is better…you cannot come back to real hardware when you have tested virtualisation


Hi Stephane

I might give proxmox a try, I have only used Virtual Box for testning purpose, but it would be great to have the real server virtualized.

I think i have some old hardware for a test. :grinning:

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I let you dig in the wiki :