SME 9.2 to Nethserver 7 Migration

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.4.1708 (Final)

Hi all,

I’ve been researching migrating from my current SME 9.2 server to Nethserver and have tried the rsync script which seemed to run pretty well on a dry run - I have not triggered the “migrate” switch yet.

I have a few questions before pulling the trigger:

  1. Once the migration is run, will the “target” server have the same ip address as the migrated one?

  2. Will current username and password combos work with existing Outlook clients? In other words, will they log on as usual without intervention?

  3. I have setup the “target” server with local LDAP as that is how the SME was setup - can I move this to MS AD authentication once migrated? I am trying to limit the user/password combinations for all users.

I’m sure I will have some more questions and no doubt a few issues, but any feedback from someone who has accomplished this will be valuable.

I will be happy to do a “how to” if this works.

PS - there are +/- 400 users on the SME box :-}

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[quote=“kieronrob, post:1, topic:8177”]Once the migration is run, will the “target” server have the same ip address as the migrated one?

No, they would have different IP addresses. If you want the new target server to use the same IP address; once the migration of the data is complete, you would shutdown the migrated server and then change the IP address of the new target server to the desired IP Address.

Maybe, depends how you define the usernames and passwords are on the migrated system and if NethServer allows you to follow the same rules for the usernames and password. If the rules on both systems are the same, then there should be little reason why you can’t keep them the same.

I’m not sure on this one, I do suspect that you would need to setup the MS AD Authentication first as the setup may very well trash whatever user credentials have been setup in order to configure the MS AD Authentication. Not to mention the differing file/folder permissions in the users Home Folders as well as for other services as well.

Hi James,

Thanks for the reply, I suspected the IP address would have to be changed and I will have to test the MS AD authentication migration. It might be easier to just setup a new server and get everything ironed out before migrating users.

I was just naively hoping for a one-shot move!

Creating MS AD Authentication prior to migrate fails with the following errors: (not complete log)

Nov 1 11:18:46 nethserver esmith::event[11113]: [ERROR] (username) skipped: not found in passwd database
Nov 1 11:18:46 nethserver esmith::event[11113]: Action: /etc/e-smith/events/migration-import/S40nethserver-mail-migrate-mailboxes FAILED: 1 [1.205967]
Nov 1 11:18:50 nethserver esmith::event[11113]: Event: migration-import FAILED

I will try migrate with local LDAP and see if it will migrate successfully before trying to move to MS AD Authentication.