SME 9.2 to Nethserver 7 migration fails

Hi all

I am trying to migrate from an SME 9.2 server to Nethserver.

I installed Nethserver, installed all the updates, successfully logged into the NethServer 7.8.2003 dashboard, configured a local active directory domain, installed the necessary software packages, upgraded them, configured root access between the SME server and the Nethserver machine, then ran the migration command:

screen rsync-migrate 22

That copied some 600 GB of data across without any apparent issues.

I then ran the final migration command:

screen rsync-migrate -m 22

There were a few initial warnings:

‘imap’ is not a valid service name
‘imaps’ is not a valid service name
‘hfaxd’ is not a valid service name
‘sogod’ is not a valid service name

The following errors were then reported in the messages log file:

mail realmd: DNS Update for failed: ERROR_DNS_GSS_ERROR

sssd: tkey query failed: GSSAPI error: Major = Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information, Minor = Server not found in Kerberos database.
(repeated 18 times)

mail esmith::event[1968]: [ERROR] Could not find username in Unix user DB
(repeated 17 times for various user names)

esmith::event[1968]: Action: /etc/e-smith/events/migration-import/S25nethserver-dc-migrate FAILED: 1 [144.013789]
esmith::event[1968]: [WARNING] skip existing domain

[WARNING] User username/sieve skipped: could not find source directory /var/lib/nethserver/home/username/sieve
(repeated 51 times for various user names, none of which were in the list not found in Unix user DB above)

esmith::event[1968]: [ERROR] username skipped: not found in passwd database
(repeated 16 times for various user names - the same as those not found in Unix user DB except for one not reported)

esmith::event[1968]: Loading information_schema.sql into mysql [FAILED]
mariadb-prepare-db-dir: Database MariaDB is probably initialized in /var/lib/mysql already, nothing is done.
mariadb-prepare-db-dir: If this is not the case, make sure the /var/lib/mysql is empty before running mariadb-prepare-db-dir.
(both above lines repeated 6 times)

mail S60nethserver-ibays-migrate-commit: Event: ibay-create FAILED
Jul 2 07:07:58 mail esmith::event[1968]: [ERROR] ibay-create temp event failed!
Jul 2 07:07:58 mail esmith::event[1968]: /bin/sed: can’t read /var/lib/migration/home/e-smith/db/acls.dump: No such file or directory
Jul 2 07:07:58 mail esmith::event[1968]: [WARNING] 1 error(s) occurred in /etc/e-smith/events/migration-import/S60nethserver-ibays-migrate-mailboxes action
Jul 2 07:07:58 mail esmith::event[1968]: Action: /etc/e-smith/events/migration-import/S60nethserver-ibays-migrate-commit FAILED: 1 [16.329483]
Jul 2 07:07:59 mail esmith::event[1968]: Event: migration-import FAILED

The outcome was that 51 users were migrated from /var/lib/migration/home/e-smith/files/users to /var/lib/nethserver/home, but 17 were left behind.
All the ibays were migrated from /var/lib/migration/home/e-smith/files/ibays to /var/lib/nethserver/ibay but had numeric user and group ownership

Are you able to comment on the causes of the failed migration?

Hi Jim,

It’s been a long time that I did a migratiom and if I remember well, the users have to be created in NethServer before moving.
Also, the home dir is created only when the user login for the first time. Maybe create the users at the console and create a home dir with the -m option.



Hi Jim

At the moment, this process for migration SME -> NethServer is valid:

This uses a Full Backup (file) done on SME - and not Rsync.
Do you have a link pointing to any instructions using rsync? (Could help diagnostics…)

I am also an old SME User, migrated all my 25-30 Clients about 2-3 years ago…

Following the instructions worked for me, with the exception of one SME-Server, where a backup wouldn’t work anymore. I had to do that one “by hand” with a new installation.

Important is verify that you do not have any accounts / mailboxes / ibays with “illegal” names for NethServer. Usually iBays aren’t a problem, as both SME and NethServer have the same requirements for naming. But Users and eMail Aliases can be an issue.

Best thing would be to setup NethServer again, and use a Backup File from SME as Migration basis.

My 2 cents

Hi Jim,

this error appears also on my working machine since a long time, without an impact. Many users reportet this. So I think this acn be ignored.

BR Ralf

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