SMB trouble when umlaut in shared folder description

(Last evening i have added a new shared folder, after that there were some trouble with smb on apple devices. (linux and windows not tested).

I found (and then i remember the same problem some time ago) that the shared folder description has an umlaut. After removing the umlaut, everything works fine again.

NethServer release 7.7.1908 (final)
Linux Kernel 3.10.0-1062.18.1.el7.x86_64


Thank you for reporting, the issue has been already tracked here: :wink:

Of course Samba is a special case, but we are investigating the issue which could impact other services


Hi Giacomo

I’d like to point out that the same problem besets SNMP:

Normally the location field isn’t used by the computer, it’s there for humans (to read / as info).
If you use anything with a Umlaut, SNMP will not work. Example: Town of Zürich in Switzerland.

My Partner filled in Zürich. Took me three days to find the bug. If you “see” it, it’s correct to the eye. But SNMP won’t work or answer to queries on port 161.

If you use Zuerich, it works…
SNMP seems to only accept ASCii characters.

-> In German, anything (vowel) with a Umlaut (eg ä,ö,ü) kann also be written with a following e, like this
This is correct “German”.

I assume this is valid for all languages with special symbols, like most european languages except for english.

My 2 cents

So did you configure the SNMP by hand or from the old GUI?
If I understand correctly, even in this case it seems a limitation of snmpd itself. Am I right?


First by the old gui, then by hand.

-> This is a limitation of SNMP, and one hardly documented at that!


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In my special case, i used the description field to note something. Maybe a additional “Note” Field could be a good Idea?

Regards yummiweb

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