SMB authentication from a non-member machine

NethServer Version: 7rc1
Module: File server

Hi everybody,
I’m trying the file server module: created a shared folder and attempted to open it from a smb:// URL from Nautilus on my Ubuntu desktop. The authentication dialog keeps popping up, for any value of Domain I try to insert: WORKGROUP, the Netbios domain name of the Nethserver in upper or lower case, the full domain name in upper or lower case. :confused:

Besides, are shared home directories supported out of the box? If I try smb:// I get the same behavior above, but if I try smb:// I get an error as expected.


Please check this thread too

Edit: @salvois, did you hit that bug?

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@davidep it seems so!
The “alternative” workaround let me access the test shared folder (and the user home share as well) from Nautilus using the smb:// URI, and from non-member Windows 7 Pro and Windows XP Pro.
That would have been a showstopper for me because in the transition phase I’ll have some users and machines members of the old domain and some in the new domain, and everyone must access the shares they are not member of.
Thanks. I’ll watch the other thread for developments.