Smarthost for multiple domains

it would be great if multple Smarthosts could be defined, if more than 1 maildomains are used.
And each Smarthost is bound to a individual mail domain.
I think many mailservers in small locations are just setup to pull by POP3 and forward to Smarthost. And its very common, that people have multiple mail accounts, with different domains.

Also in this regards i miss a feature that the domain is not authoritive, like in Exchange.
This can be used if the server doesnt host all mailaccounts. That means, the mailserver is not responsible for all mailboxes in the domain and will forward the message to the configured Smarthost, if it will get a mail where the receiver has no local mailbox.
Otherwise the sender in the local maildomain would receive an error message, that the receiver doesnt exist.

If Nethserver won’t be designed for multi-organization enviroments (it’s already multidomain) i think that this feature cannot be that useful…

I think it should be possible by creating multiple user accounts, so each user can have multiple domains on the devices.

By design, Nethserver works on a single domain “mirrored” on other domains. Therefore, if a server called “myserver.domain.ext” will add a domain called “domain2.ext”, any account created will be a single account with an alias on domain2.ext.

AFAIK currently there are no wrote plans for have a full multi-domain environment. Consider two options:

  • create a virtual installation of nethserver for every domain
  • look for a tutorial like this who can lead you a non-nethserver multidomain setup.