Small bug in FreePBX Web Acess

When i am adding a new remoute network in FreePBX Web Acess on the Nethsever config webside.
The new one has no netmask. thena relaod the side and the netmask is there…

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Confirmed, thanks for reporting. I tried with Firefox and Chrome, the network mask is not present in the site source code. The db values are correct, it’s only an optical bug.

The main focus is on cockpit now so minor bugs in Nethgui do not have highest priority.

I can’t find the error (due to lack of Nethgui/PHP skills), it seems freepbx is the only module using gettableadapter with separators, see /usr/share/nethesis/NethServer/Module/Voice/ValidFrom.php:

Hello Marcus

we can live with this small bug :wink: it is only the first view was wrong…
I will wait 4 cockpit :wink:

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