Slow TLS authentications with Squid

@m.traeumner thanks.
The reason I’m asking is because I’m seeing slow TLS authentications with Squid and Transparent SSL proxy. I note that squid does its own DNS lookup and attempts a lookup with IPV6 before IPV4. I’ve added the option dns_v4_first on to squid.conf and that’s improved things a little, but the best performance is when the transparent SSL proxy is disabled. It’s not causing me problems, it’s just a little annoying waiting for the browser session to authenticate with the remote host.

Are there new plans about it?

AFAIK still no plans for ipv6 on ns7, anyway the issue could be on squid configuration. @giacomo?

This the first time someone reports such behavior.
Maybe you can try also changing the upstream DNS.
We currently use and

Otherwise a template-custom with the dns_v4_first option can be a workable solution for your installation.

If the problem will affect other users we can add the above option to the package.