Slovak language

Hello NethServer communty. I really enjoy using Nethserver and decided i want it in my native language. I requested Slovak language on Transifex last week. Is there any other procedure i need to do to request this language?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay, the language has been added!
Please paste here (or on a private message) your mail/username on transifex so I can add you as translator.

When the translation is in a good shape, we will add it to the language pack :wink:

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Hi @holdenger and welcome to the NethServer community. I am very happy to see your initiative and hope more Slovak members join you in the effort to create a Slovak localization.
Great work!


Hey guys, thank you for the respond. My username on transifex is holdenger. I already joined to the Slovak translation team. Let’s translate some strings :slight_smile: