Skype replacement on nethserver

hello at all
I wanted to know if there is something that at nethserver level can completely replace skype for business
thanks for any tip

Jitsi would be cool - Jitsi Meet

Edit: New tutorial: Installing Jitsi Meet on your own Linux Server


Depends if Skype is used for internal communications, or if also standard telephony are required (calling from Client to any Telephone in the world.).

For the first use case, NethServer does offer several Options, like NextCloud or Jabber.
Nextcloud provides several options in itself.
The second use case, full telephony connectivity, could be covered with FreePBX, also available in NethServer.

My 2 cents

I would like to use it just for internal communications without any trunk…

In the meantime I found a howto for centos: Installation in CentOS

Any reason not to use the built-in capabilities?

The project does look interesting…

No, I just would like to test it. I already have freepbx and ejabberd installed… But I do not have a solution for on-premise-videochat…

Try the one included in NextCloud, if you have that up & running.
That works quite well - I installed it for a client.

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Is it a NextCloud plugin? How is it called?

Talk, find it under Communication…

OK, I will have a look…

It’s official, and has 4 stars…

We were playing with Matrix/Synapse the last days, it seems to support video calls with jitsi too:


OK, good to know!

@m_farlotta and @fausp
we have actually been using matrix/synapse with riot as the frontend clients, and it works superbly.
if you do not configure a tun, sturn server, riot will make use of jitsi for video calls, using jitsi’s own servers to manage calls.

i must admit it works better than zoom, as not further login is required on the calls.

Maybe what we can figure and work on next, is installing jitsi on our own server, then integrate it inside our matrix installation, so that we don’t use an external server for calls.

Generally speaking, if you dont have huge need for chatrooms etc. Nextcloud talk can be used to work perfecly as a collaboration platform. its video calls and screen sharing features are superb. but a signaling server must be setup, or you can hold more than 3 people on a video call.


Please explain what you mean with signaling server…?

You mean not more than 3 People at the same time?

What else do I need for a videocall with nextcloud talk on smartphones. Is the “normal” installation of nextcloud and the activation of talk adequate?

Haven’t had a chance to do any testing on smartphones, all were using PCs / Laptops…

But should work, test it!

Yes, I did a test over VPN and it worked good… I dont know how much traffic it needs for video… but I will check that out… Thank you Andy!

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Thanks also for the feedback…