SIP client Fund raising /Nextcloud

Hello, I wanted to share with you a topic that could interest this community.

Would appreciate sharing your thoughts

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Ehi ghost nice discussion but I don’t think it has something to do with NethServer. At least the FreePBX + Asterisk module.

@alefattorini Since Nethserver is positioning itself as an all in one server aimed towards communities then I would say this module can be an integral part of our famous and pride Nethserver.
Most of the servers out there offer a bit of our everything Nethserver.
Accepting the fact to integrate Freepbx into Nethserver mandates the integration of this SIP app into Nextcloud to complement the solution in a secure way.
I leave the discussion open as I do not wish to present all my arguments here should the above is not satisfactory.


Ok, here is my thoughts on this topic, whilst I agree with @alefattorini that this SIP tool / application does not directly relate to NS (NS is a Operating System / server infrastructure toolset and that any end-user based client application is not directly related to the functionality of the server product).

However, I have been installing and repairing end-user workstation, laptops and other devices for over 20 years. When installing new OSs on user workstations, I have always need to either install extra software or (in the case of MS Windows users) prefer to provide a medium (ie. CD-ROM, DVD or USB flash media) that contains various applications (PDF reader, archiving / compression tools, alternative web browsers, alternative office solutions and communication tools, inc. Instant messaging and IAX / SIP based client software – I usually include some documentation that acts like a end-user ‘welcome’ manual that explains what is included with the medium and how to install the included applications). – These days I try to only include open-source based applications (ie. Firefox, Libreoffice, Pidgin, Okular etc.)

As I have already mentioned above, whilst NS is a server based product and does not directly involve itself with the choice of client applications, I do believe that by highlighting some open-source, end-user products that can directly communicate with NS / existing infrastructure is a positive step for both NS and the app developer.

With that being said, I want to examine this SIP client app a bit further. I have had a lot of experience with both free (freeware, open source, shareware etc.) and commercial SIP clients (some good software and others not-so-good apps).

@ghost, I am wondering if you are going to incorporate both SIP and IAX protocols into your project?

One thing that I have always had a problem with most SIP clients is that there is no integration with existing ‘phone books’ / contact lists. Considering that NS (and other non-NS) administrators incorporate groupware applications (ie. Nextcloud or SoGo) and the fact that these applications can be used to store CardDAV / WebDAV information, will your SIP client be able to access SSL CardDAV (or maybe, extra LDAP) information?

Another thing that I have found with a lot of desktop client software is whilst it is possible to add multiple SIP accounts, the software will only allow for a single account to be active at any one time. I do hope that you will allow for multiple account access.

I am interested in knowing what codecs your are going to be providing and if you are going to include G270 (I am curios, how / where to purchase the license agreement for this codec)?

I am also interested to know what platforms / OSs you are intending this project to be used with?

As said above, I have used a lot of SIP based client software in the past, some of my favourite tools inc. CSipSimple (Android), SFLPhone (Linux, OSX, Windows – Project is now defunct but I am using it on my daily workstation incorporated into SUSE / KDE GUI) and JitSi.

Personally, I would like to see a client software that incorporated both SIP, IAX and XMPP / Jabber. With options for CardDAV, STUN, SMS / MMS (?) and WebRTC access.

Final note about funding, I agree with @alefattorini and after reading your post, I am wondering if this should not be a ‘kickstarter’ styled project?

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That was a real long reply.
In my short version none of the specs you stated will be implemented.
Why ? because this software is going to be java based in other words zero software installation on the workstation.
All is web based. so client will have only one account (the corporate account) yes it is sip/webrtc/pjsip based with G711 , opus and H264 surely it will have jabber integrated.
Well what matters most by that post is being proactive rather than reactive to the famous question

So, what are you working on?

Interesting discussion but I would say that we already have a lot on our plate. Just this.
I’m interested in seeing how this project goes anyway