SIP capturer integration

Hello everyone!
I recently had problems configuring a virtual number in my PBX and I managed to find the error.
Which led me to a question: Would there be no option to capture the sip traffic and analyze it? Well… of course!

I found SIPCapture
I didn’t want to do much research since I have a server in production. Would it be possible to integrate it into NS?
Do you think it would be a good feature to integrate it as an optional installation when installing Asterisk?

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I just wanted to mention that this might be highly illegal in certain countries like Germany or Switzerland…

If it’s a “technical” tool to solve a specific problem, it’s use can be OK, like capturing network packets (or SIP traffic). But if it’s permanently “built in”, convenient press and forget, it might be illegal.

And NethServer is targeted at SMB/SOHO - usually without the professional know how needed for such use cases… And usually also without the legal knowhow if and what’s illegal…

It may sound strange, but for example in Germany, laws are VERY strict about what a administrator is allowed to “remove” from an employees mailbox! Removing SPAM is illegal!

My 2 cents


If you need to troubleshoot the SIP part, take a look also to
@Stll0 has alrready built it for NS:

yum install sngrep
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Thank you @Andy_Wismer, @giacomo. I’m gonna test it!

Been using Homer5 and now Homer7 for quite a while now and it definitely helps where sngrep is not available (read - when you use SIP TLS)

When you don’t use SIP TLS though, sngrep is just the perfect tool

If there’s interest, i could drop an howto to install Homer7 with Grafana on a NS7


thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.