Simplify DC management

Everybody knows that managing the Samba 4 DC is still a little bit tricky and prone to error.

After gathering your feedback, we came up with this list of things to improve:

  • stronger validator for IP address of the container
  • remove the “Create bridge” option and inform the user that the bridge will be automatically created
  • install bind-utils and ntp server inside the container
  • procedure to update the container
  • procedure to remove the whole DC (later)
  • simple procedure to reset the container

Regarding the “procedure to reset the container”, do you think that we need to add a button inside the web interface? Or is better to not add such dangerous feature inside the UI?


  • Give me that damn button!
  • “With great powers comes great responsibility” - leave the power only to bash wizards

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This deserves a separate feature!

We have also in TODO list:

  • changing the nsdc IP address
  • set nsdc as additional domain controller

what do you mean presicely ?

By the way, it is a great new such improvements

This one:

Davide already has some stub code for converting it in an event.

I think an event would be better than a button, especially because you don’t need it very often. At least I hope so. :smile: