Simple Network Question

I have a server with a 4 port NIC card and the built-in ethernet port, so 5 in all,

Red will be just the Nethserver and my ISP router to the internet on VLAN1 on my switch and use 192.168.1.x
I will create an Orange and a Blue network but they will not be used at first with 192.168.2.x and 192.168.3.x addresses and VLAN20 and VLAN30 respectively.

My internal LAN (Green) will be 192.168.4.x on VLAN40

This leaves me one more ethernet port I want to use as the management LAN for my switches, servers etc also GREEN but 192.168.5.x with rules allowing me to connect from nodes on the .4.x to the .5.x to manage the devices
as well as direct access from a laptop.

My first question is do I make the default GW for the GREEN LAN the IP address of the GREEN Nethserver Interface or the IP address of the ISP router on the RED interface?

Second, I also have a second Router/switch I use for WiFi access and passes out IP addresses as devices connect using DHCP. Can I add this to my GREEN LAN with a fixed IP without any special configuration needs so all my WiFi traffic is passed over the GREEN LAN providing I make sure that the range of IP in the DHCP scope are not used anywhere else.

I turn off my ISP router WiFi so all WiFi traffic passes through Nethserver.

The Gateway address for your clients is the green interface. The gateway address for your red interface has to be the address of the isp router. For the green interface you don’t have to set a gateway.

Please have also a look here:

Internet access for client connected to NS[quote=“Loboexe, post:1, topic:8664”]
Can I add this to my GREEN LAN with a fixed IP without any special configuration needs
What you want to do with these clients, only Internet?

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This should generally work but you have to choose if NethServer or your WLAN router serves DHCP on the green interface. I’d prefer NethServer to have management there and degrade your WLAN router to an “access point switch”.