Si puo postare in italiano?

(Fabrizio) #1

io con l’inglese sono abbastanza una frana quindi
provo a postare in italiano anche perche ho visto
dei filmati in italiano e ho da chiedere un po di cose
se possibile.


(Roberto Sitzia) #2

Hi @sbaragnus
Most of all are from Italy but we have choiced to use only english for this community.
Try to use Google translator, I use it very often when I have to write a post or translate a post that I can’t understand.
First times will be hard but I’m sure that post after post you will improve your english.

Please, if you have a question about NethServer try to write it in Italian then translate it and post.
Don’t worry!
Coraggio :wink:

(Filippo Carletti) #3

I think that we still have the Italian forum on google:!forum/nethserver-it

Or is it closed?

(Michele Bortolotto) #4

Irc channel also : freenode

(Roberto Sitzia) #5

This was my doubt @filippo_carletti when I have replied.

(Fabrizio) #6

thank you
try to use google
I wanted to ask first netserver is complete
type cpanel or plesk or is something different ?

(Roberto Sitzia) #7

Good start @sbaragnus :+1:

I know cpanel and plesk tools but I usually find them to manage common task for Web host/hosting.
NethServer is more oriented to manage shared folders, email accounts, firewall, proxy Web and other services useful for small and midsize businesses.

Hope to have understood correctly your question.

(Fabrizio) #8

therefore does not have a specific tool for
apache and configuring vhost
in its web interface
but is specialized for samba postfix

(Roberto Sitzia) #9

Not that I know.

Exactly and many other features very userful inside a small and midsize business.

(Filippo Carletti) #10

There are shared folders, that can be configured as virtualhosts. See Virtualhost field in the web access tab in Shared folders.

(Roberto Sitzia) #11

So @filippo_carletti if I have a shared folder called ZULU I could configure a virtualhost such as or even with a different name?
Is it right?

(Filippo Carletti) #12

Right @sitz. You can even have something like Try it, it’s easier to configure than to explain. :smile: