Show your faces!

Be part of a community is awesome! I met a lot of nice people here but chatting with anonymous faces it’s not fun :smile:
I do want see my buddy!! :smiley:

How about fill out your profile with:

  • a nice pic
  • full name
  • short BIO
  • location (aka your country)

Just these 4 fields could be enough :smile:

Come on guys! Do you you agree with me that these profiles

are better then this?

Let’s update now your profile and reply below with this simple sentence:

this is my face!

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The Ugly guy with the hawaian shirt its me, i didn’t downloaded it from the
internet :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahaha that’s photo is really funny :wink: love it! :wink:

this is my face! Post must be at least 20 Chara…

Just updated my Gravatar :smiley:

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ahahah thank you @robert11 great photo
Thanks @giacomo too, scary pic :smiling_imp:

done, updated also my pic


Mine has been updated, just taking a rest… lol… ready to come back here in a sec :slight_smile:

Ehi folks please, show your faces uploading a nice pic!

@cyberfrk @Tohid_Tamboli @fasttech @transocean @alecks @Steven_Queue @ibico please show your faces :wink:

EDIT: @zamboni you too!

Why? Is this a beauty contest or a computer forum? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



You can use also an avatar… don’t worry! But please, I don’t wanna speak with a big orange “T” :smiley: :smiley:

Can i change the color to green? :grin:

Wait some hours, I will search a pic.

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It had taken some time to upload a photo, much work.

I present to my wife and my son soon will be born in June.

I :heartpulse: NethServer and Community


That’s an amazing photo man! Say hi to your wife :wink:
We’re proud to have you in this community.

Thank you.

I am honored to have found them and be part of this great community.


My son will be born at the end of may! So we’re “on the same boat” daddy :wink:

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Right! Another reason to move forward in life. all for our children hope of the world.

Blessings. :baby_bottle:

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Many of new faces haven’t faces at all! I do want to see my fellows :smile:
Please fill out your profile at least with:

  • a nice pic
  • full name

Check my first post above :point_up:
Show your faces!

Hi @alefattorini done :slight_smile: sorry for the delay :smile:

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