Should I use LDAP or Samba Active Directory?

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: Account Provider
After new install, the systems asks to add Account Provider and choose either LDAP or Samba Active Directory.
I want to use the server as file server with files accessible by windows computers within LAN and remote through VPN.
Which account privider should I choose?

Take a look at

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Hi, as far as I know if Your clients are windows machines better solution will be Samba AD with an option to use it as AD domain controller. Also Samba AD gives You file access with permissions and ACL’s in opposite to Open LDAP (only Guest access as far as I know). Cheers


Slightly off-topic question (kinda).

Didn’t NS 6.7/8 have LDAP as it’s provider, which did support ACL’s for shared file access. What changed to remove this feature.


It has been debated in the past. Please have a look at