Short-term dev roadmap

Just to share a very short-term roadmap.

These things will be released in next few days:

  • Some tweaks for Squid (like a configurable list of safe ports)
  • Minor firewall optimizations
  • SNMP server support

We are working on:

  • support for ip range and subnet objects for firewall rules
  • support for ip range subnet, role and zones in web content filter
  • ip/mac binding in firewall
  • language packs

Wow thanks a lot for this update :+1:

Consider that bulletin much helpful, please keep us always in touch also when such improvements will be released.

You can always be informed by following this atom feed:

Source page:

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I have a surprise coming in as well shortly :slight_smile: Working out the kinks… I dont want to let it go quite yet as its in premature mode…

Just released:

  • Tweaks for Squid
  • Minor firewall optimizations
  • SNMP server
  • Owncloud 7.0.5, thanks to @fasttech for the QA

Packages will be pushed to the mirrors during the night.


We are working on:

  • Password policy page (thanks to @stephdl)
  • Localization for password expiration
  • Support for CIDR and IP ranges in firewall rules
  • Support for CIDR and IP ranges in content filter
  • Support fo VPN zone in firewall rules
  • IP/MAC binding (MAC validation)
  • Visualization of expired users
  • New release of SOGo with bugfix and improved ActiveSync support

A bunch of updates since @giacomo’s post, take a look at this list:

Since tomorrow you will be able to test two new simple modules:

Official documentation will be ready after QA is passed.


We will release soon:

  • Tomcat7 with Java 1.7
  • Postgresql
  • Fixes for web proxy
  • Fixes for for ibays
  • Antivirus improvements

We are working on:

  • Spam scan for relay domains

You can always see the current development status here:

For the end of the summer, we are thinking about:

  • simple web interface for restoring data from backup
  • dashboard optimization
  • alpha release for NethServer 7.1 with the same features as the current release (6.6)

Just released a bunch of updates:

  • New modules:
    • nethserver-password
    • Tomcat 7
    • PostgreSQL
  • Improvements and bug fixes:
    • firewall module
    • Squid cache
    • OpenVPN
    • Snort and pulledpork
    • mail server
    • httpd
    • dnsmasq
    • devtools
    • build system
  • Localized time picker in Date and time module
  • Mail filter bypass for relay domains
  • ClamAV 0.98.7

Check out the full changelog.


We are working on:

  • IPSEC net2net web interface
  • Backup restore web interface
  • DHCP advanced options
  • Owncloud 7.0.6
  • Various bug fixes

:wink: I’d list also the new public server for pushing RPMs directly into nethforge: I guess @stephdl and other devs would love it!


We really want this, please show us something to test soon, so folks here could try to broke it :wink:

@stephdl are you happy? :slight_smile: I want to go ahead with this discussion too:

Hope this work of @davidep could imporve this involvement

Some updates released last week:

  • new IPsec interface for net2net VPNs
  • PPPoE support
  • Access to multiple green networks from OpenVPN clients
  • Improvements on sNAT
  • Fixes for dnsmasq
  • Better backup notification mail
  • Blacklist support for p3scan
  • Trusted networks improvements

Just released:

  • new ntopng 2.0
  • configuration backup now saves a list of installed RPMs and reinstall them during the restore process

We are working on (QA is needed):

  • support for VPN hosts inside the firewall rules
  • Adagios package
  • OCS inventory package
  • Custom DHCP options

Just finished QA.

Verified 10 minutes ago.