Shorewall rule br0

Neth7 7.6
Hi everyone, I don’t know shorewall, so I ask how to unlock this rule, I also don’t understand why a host of the same LAN is blocked on the 389 service.
Also to give access from br0 from any port I regiola I have to enter?

Nov 27 15:35:33 neth7 kernel: Shorewall:loc2fw:REJECT:IN=br0 OUT= MAC=72:48:78:72:8c:9d:e6:c6:4a:80:ca:fa:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=127 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=27713 PROTO=UDP SPT=57187 DPT=389 LEN=107


This section of the developer manual will show how to configure access to additional services on the server.

By default, NS only opens the ports it needs to, even to the internal LAN. Everything else is blocked.


Thanks for the answer, I was hoping for a less articulated solution to add a simple filter rule. I don’t understand why this procedure cannot be done via GUI, it would be easier to create without errors. Anyway thanks .

It can, if you prefer.

Create a new firewall service for the port(s) you want to open. Then add a new firewall rule referencing the service in a rule to allow access to the firewall from the green (internal LAN) interface.


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Hi thanks for your directions. I created and modified the rule of my interest and at the moment and in the firewall logs I don’t see any block.